Shortening Long Links – Top 11 Sites to Shorten Website URLs

Shorten Website URLs

If you are a rapid internet user then, you might be aware of the URL links that we confront in the address bar of a browser. Irrespective of the web browsers, we often find a URL link that appears on every web page. For instance, you are watching some interesting video on YouTube. If you want to share the link, you just copy the URL link from the address bar of the website and send it to others through different social media sites.

However, it’s quite simple to send short URL links to others like we find on YouTube. But, how about the lengthy links? If you want to post any URL to the social networking platform like Facebook, it would be irritating with its length. In such a situation, the concept of URL Shortener comes into the picture. A URL Shortener tool is required to diminish the length of the URL.

We have numerous URL shortener tools available on the web. By using such tools, you can automatically reduce the length of the URL links. If you are not completely aware of the perfect tool then, here is a great collection. In this post, we have rounded up the list of the custom URL shortener tools. Have a glance!

Custom URL Shortener

These days, the long web URLs are truly outdated. Sometimes, the lengthy links might appear as if they are spammy content. In the current era, people can make use of a decent URL shortener in order to lessen the number of characters within a link. Using the best URL shortener tool is the perfect way to browse the web in the current realm. It becomes beneficial specifically whenever you wish to keep all your followers and online pals cheerful.

Some of the links could be complex, lengthy and arduous to locate. The major use of the URL shortener tool is to minimize the length of the URL. By taking the original link and transforming it into your own with your brand, the URL shortener tools help us in the best way. Most of the tools enable us the details regarding the persons who are tapping your links.

Using these tools, one can keep a track of this information. This is one of the best ways to enhance the visitors to your website. Try to make use of the best URL shortener to make money out of it. We have abundant options on the web to shorten the links. Even, there are some additional services such as link bookmarking and web analytics for your clicks. In this post, you can find out the best URL shortening tools for Facebook, Google, Twitter and more.

URL Shortener Advantages

The popular social media website like Twitter has initiated the actual concept of the URL Shortener. These tools are not only beneficial for Twitter but also helps you to minimize the URL links to Facebook and Google. There are several benefits by using the URL Shortener tools. Some of them have been listed below:

  • The links that are shortened will appear visually ravishing.
  • It enables the users to boost their brand.
  • Moreover, the shortened links will definitely befit the locations wherever you have less number of characters to utilize.
  • For instance, Twitter allows 280 characters in the URL links. However, that may not be adequate when there is a lot more to say.
  • The users can feel comfy to click on the links by accessing the best URL shortener tools.
  • In some cases, the links could be spam but, with the help of shorteners, one can stay in touch with your brand.
  • Another great benefit of URL shortener links is that you can gain innumerable clicks from the readers.

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Best URL Shortener Tools to Make Money

Here is a list of the best custom URL Shortener tools that eventually help you make money through a number of clicks. Check it out!

  1. Bitly

In this list, Bitly is the leading URL shortening tool. We might have already come across this tool on the popular social media platforms like Facebook. It is a widely prevalent tool which is currently in use by lakhs of people out there. This tool has integrated with numerous services and 3rd party apps such as TwitterFeed and TweetDeck.

Using this tool, one can easily keep a track on the number of clicks your shortened links acquired. In addition, you can bookmark and handle the links all by yourself through your customized Bitly dashboard. With just a single click, you can shorten the URL links within no time. Regardless of shortening the links for mobile apps or social media, Bitly tool aids you in bringing a pessimistic influence among the customers.


Whenever you land on website, you can find a lovely cow greeting the visitors. All you need to do is to copy and paste the link that you want to shorten in the provided field. Then, just tap ‘Moo!’ button. Originally, was designed and developed by Rodrigo Franco.

This is the best service developed with an intention to generate a simple to use URL shortener for any individual who requires it. Regardless of the length of your URL, you can rapidly make it short without any hassle. If you are looking forward to shortening less number of links then, is a perfect tool. This tool can be beneficial for the beginners.


Google, the giant search engine platform has designed and developed by URL shortening tool. If you are seeking to get your chore done as soon as possible then, you must definitely use As you are shortening the links, Google displays the same below in its lengthy URL version.

The users can easily find out how many clicks the link has received. One can acquire a visual glance of their engagement from a unique standpoint. In case, you create a link at the time of logging into your Google account then, you can generate a history of those short URLs. Some of the details that will be displayed include the referrer of the click, visitor’s profile i.e., their country, Operating system, and browser.

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The users can easily simplify their links using the Google URL Shortener tool. If you are aware of the individuals who clicked your link, you can get to know the audience requirements and more. Sadly, might get disabled from 2019 March. However, all your links will go to their respective destinations.

  1. is another best URL shortening tool designed and developed by the popular social media application i.e., HootSuite. The users can easily shorten a link directly even you need to type a CAPTCHA Code. There is a feasibility of sharing the files, pictures, videos and more with much ease. helps you share the files in a variety of formats. The major advantage of this tool is that it comes along with HootSuite that helps you in your social media marketing.

As this tool is operated within the HootSuite dashboard, the entire information will be at one place. This tool enables the users to measure the data like the performance of your links. BY using the HootSuite free version, the users can access absolutely for free of cost. For accessing this tool, the users need to have a HootSuite account. The advantage of an account is that you can stay more secure using this shortening tool. With the upgraded version of this tool, you can make use of additional features.

  1. Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the popular domain registrars and web hosting company. All those users of Godaddy can exclusively access the Godaddy shortener to shorten their URL links. With the help of this tool, one can lessen their long URLs into the tiny links on the web.

If you are hosting with Godaddy then, you can easily access the Godaddy URL Shrinker. It enables the users to generate shortened URL using a couple of different domain extensions like Using this tool, one can easily create branded URL shortener absolutely for free of cost.


TinyURL is another best tool that assists the users to shorten their links. Using this tool, one can customize the last few characters of the link. You need not have to change your brand instead maintain your consistency. In case, you are looking forward to shortening the URL links on a frequent basis then, is a perfect tool.

In order to access this tool with much ease, you need to add it to the toolbar of your browser. You can shorten the URLs of your website. If you have a great concern about your branding then, this is the best tool. By shortening your links through this tool, you can make the link simpler to memorize for the visitors.

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If you want to shorten your links then, just bookmark the link and will get that done for you, folks. This tool gives you the ability to generate a QR code that can be added to your business cards and advertisements. These days, most of the smartphones have the facility to read the QR codes.

This eases the work of the visitor as they could navigate to their specific location quicker. There is a possibility to check the statistics of the links by looking at the preview of the page. If you are just looking to shorten the URL links then, is the best tool.


The is one of the best products of Buffer, the widely prevalent social media management tool. Once you have shortened the links, you can schedule them and post it later. It is a great tool for those who are seeking to shorten their social media links.

By having a free account on, the users can easily post the links on the popular social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you are planning to post on Pinterest then, you need to have a paid account on

  1. makes use of a unique approach to shortening the links. It provides a great chance to its users to earn money through this amazing service. By gaining more number of clicks on your links, you can earn extra money. Even though you gain the money in small portions, you can eventually increase them by alluring with several clicks. The users can get in-depth statistics for each and every link once you have signed up for an account.

  1. is another best tool for shortening lengthy links. It is the most compelling tool which is quite simple to use. Apart from shortening the links, the users can access it to their own domain. There is a possibility to personalize the characters at the end of each link. The users can get the data like real-time statistics. You can even check the countries from where you have received your clicks for the links. You can access this service either by creating an account or without an account.

  1. is a popular computer and web security firm that offers various services to its customers. Some of them include antivirus, encryption, email security, firewall and more. It offers a URL shortener tool that enables the users to minimize the long links. It enables the users to share the links on their social networking sites or blogs after shortening the links.

Wrapping Up

Here ends the list of the best URL shortener tools for shortening long links. Using these tools, you can easily minimize the links and post them to popular social networking sites. For more queries, drop them in the comments section.