Family Tree Now Site Review – How to Opt Out

Site Review

Are you seeking to get information about other people? The purpose might be based on your requirement. However, there could be several reasons to look up the information of other individuals. Here is an excellent service namely Family Tree Now available on the web. It is a great website that offers wonderful tools to its users so as to uncover their ancestry and find precise details of that person.

This site doesn’t dig into your personal stuff instead shows the information that is available online in different forms. Originally, Family Tree Now has initiated its services in the year 2014. We do have numerous tools on the web to find people online such as ZabaSearch. One can find an extensive range of information to locate people using this service.

With this service, you will be able to find the details that include address, email address, phone number, date of birth, the name of the individual and the information related to their relatives or family members. All these details will be grabbed from the public records such as birth records, death, census and marriage records. Here is everything you need to know about Family Tree Now for finding people. Check it out!

Family Tree – Free Ancestry Search Site

Family Tree Now has become quite popular with its unique services like disclosing the personal data of an individual. This genealogy site has stored a lot of data about you. The users of this site need to comprehend that the site doesn’t make any sort of representations that the data present on the public records is absolutely precise. The users can even create their own free family tree based on their choice.

With this tool, you can carry out a compelling research and even discover your past like your ancestors and the family origins. The family tree builder offered by this site lets you create the best tree all by yourself for free of cost. There are billions of genealogy records available on this site that can be accessed for free. Try to locate your ancestors through the genealogy records without spending a single penny.

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What’s Unique About Family Tree Now?

One of the exceptional factors of the Family Tree Now is that the information available on this site is free of cost. This is something unique from the remaining people search sites present on the internet. The entire information about an individual will be gathered and accessible at one place.

There is no hectic registration required for accessing the Family Tree Now. All you need to have is the first and last name of the individual. Using that data, one can get to know much more information such as their phone numbers, workplace data, address of the relatives and the complete host of the remaining details.

If you are interested to find more information then, Family tree helps you get it from the public records. You won’t have to struggle much exploring different websites to gather the details. This site itself provides the complete information at one place for free.

People Information on Family Tree Now

One can find a wide range of information at the Family Tree Now website. Some of the records through which the information is gathered include the following:

Birth Records

The birth records comprise of the information related to an individual. It shows the country of the individual. Just by tapping the country, you will get to know the complete name, birthday, gender, state, country and other crucial information. This particular information is drawn from the public records.

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Death Records

The death information of the people is grabbed out from the U.S Social Security Death Index. By searching in a unique way, you can get to know the full name alongside the birth as well as the death dates. If you want to dig deeper then, you can locate the actual place wherein the person has died.

Marriage Records

The first and foremost search shows the name of both the man and woman who had tied up in the marriage relation. You can find the date, month and the year of their marriage. For more in-depth details, you can get to know the names of both, their ages at the time of their marriage, state and their country. Just like the birth records, these details are gathered through the public records.

Census Records

This particular record shows the information of the people gathered from the US Census Surveys. The information present on these records includes full name, age, birth year, location, gender, marital status, state, race, the birthplace of the father and mother, the address of their residence, father and mother’s name and other family members.

Divorce Records

The topmost search discloses the names of both the families who have joined the divorce agreement. Get to know the actual date of their divorce as per the records. Furthermore, you will be able to find the names and ages of both the members during the divorce filing date and time.

What Information Do They collect If I Access the Site?

The Family Tree Now not only gathers the data of the individual for whom you are searching but also tracks the data of the visitors. This website collects a minimum of the data who actually visit this site to find other people. You don’t need to register in order to access these services. In case, anyone registers for free to become an official user of this site then, they need to provide some crucial details.

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Some of them include their name, email address, and password. The remaining details include the IP address of the visitor, mobile device identifier, the type of their web browser, the operating system from which they’re accessing this site. All these details will be gathered only when you log into this site completely. The personalized details are gathered on any website in a virtual manner.

How to Remove your Name from Family Tree Now?

There is a feasibility that you can opt out of Family Tree Now website. For that, you need to request this website to remove your information from this site. You can visit the official website of Family Tree Now opt out page from your website. In case, if that site doesn’t work precisely, you can even contact the service right from the contact page.

  • You need to confirm that you are not a robot captcha box. You can then begin the opt-out procedure.
  • Further, you can carry out a search all by yourself.
  • After checking your record, you can tap the option ‘Opt Out This Record’ button which appears in the red color.
  • That’s all! You’re done.
  • Within 48 hours of time, the information gathered about you in the site will be removed completely.

The Bottom Line

This is all you need to know about Family Tree Now website to locate people using their public record information. Hope this guide has helped you to locate people with much ease. For more details, drop them in the below comments section.