3 Easy Steps To Play Blockudoku

Play Blockudoku

If you are looking for a block puzzle game that is fun and addictive, you should consider playing blockudoku. Blockudoku is a combination of Sudoku and other block puzzle games. This block puzzle game is easy to learn and play. So you can be sure that you will enjoy every bit of the game.

Thanks to the development of technology in the gaming industry, there are plenty of blockudoku versions you can download on your smartphone. So if you are considering playing blockudoku, you are in the right place. In this article, we give you steps to successfully playing blockudoku.

So without wasting more time, let’s delve into them.

3 steps to playing blockudoku

  1. Download blockudoku on your phone or PC

First things first, you need to download blockudoku on your device. There are many versions of blockudoku puzzle games developed by various game developers on the Google Play Store. You need to take a look at them keenly to find the one that you can solve successfully. Most of these games are free to download. But if you want one that is ad-free, you can consider opting for the in-app purchase.

Once you have downloaded the blockudoku puzzle game of your choice, you need to install it. After installing it, you will be able to start playing it wherever and whenever you want.

  1. Start playing blockudoku

Once you have downloaded and installed your blockudoku, it is time to start playing this fun and interesting puzzle game. The goal of blockudoku is to destroy as many lines and boxes as possible to create room for new blocks.

You will get extra points when you complete a line or square. The gameplay is pretty easy, but it can also be very challenging. So you may end up spending hours trying to attain a higher score. When playing blockudoku, remember that your goal is not to build a wall; instead, you need to destroy them as much as you can. While it can be quite tempting to accumulate blocks and wait for a perfect chance to drop preferred lines, this can affect your progress because you can quickly lose enough space for new blocks. Accumulating blocks only takes up space on the grid, and when there is no enough space left for new blocks, the game will be over.

  1. Increase your score

Of course, when playing blockudoku puzzle, you want to ensure that you attain a higher score as possible. The best way you can achieve that is by concentrating on streaks and squares. A streak enables you to score 9+ points. That means you can quickly get high scores. However, even as you focus on squares and streaks, keep the rule of the game in mind; you need to destroy more walls instead of building them. The trick is also not to accumulate blocks. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Failure to do that can make you lose better moves.

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