How to Use Tinder Without Facebook [Tinder Sign in]

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Tinder is an Android app that renders the best entertainment to all its users. Through the Tinder app, one could start a chat or meet people who appear blissful and interesting in their near locations. Tinder has turned out to become tremendously popular across the realm to such an extent that people often look out for their right dating partner across the Tinder app. If you are looking out for like-minded people in adverse gender then, Tinder is a perfect application.

When speaking about the popularity and prominence, we truly say that Facebook is the best amidst the two apps. Is there any relation between Tinder and Facebook? Yes, it’s pretty obvious that these days, most of the websites on the internet are asking for a Facebook account so as to log in to their website. Just like many other sites, Tinder app also needs a Facebook account.

Some of the websites may not have a personal sign-in method. In such a consequence, these websites rely on Facebook and ask the users to sign in via the Facebook account. What if, you don’t have a Facebook account? Is there any other alternative to use Tinder without Facebook? Yes! there is a possibility of using Tinder without Facebook. Want to know how it works? Check the detailed guide about how to use Tinder without Facebook in this post.

Tinder App 

Some of the people don’t wish their social life to interrupt their social vivacity. In general, Tinder makes use of the basic information about every individual through their Facebook account. To avoid the abuse, Tinder uses Facebook account info of each and every Tinder user. The profile picture that you have used on Facebook will be used by Tinder.

Moreover, the remaining users of Tinder will be able to view your profile picture on Facebook itself. When speaking about Tinder app, the users must and should log in to it using the Facebook account. If you don’t want your Facebook friends to know about your dating culture then, there is a way to overcome this issue.

Is there any association between Facebook & Tinder?

In the year 2012, the developers have designed and launched Tinder app for all the users across the globe. Since its emergence in early 2012, this app has undoubtedly grabbed the whole and sole attention of all the people. The Tinder app has a massive count of active user base on a monthly basis. If you are looking out for like-minded people in adverse gender then, Tinder is a perfect application.

On the other hand, Facebook is a gigantic social networking website that allows the users to connect with unknown people. It enables the users to open up and express their opinions candidly to the whole world. There might be few similarities between the two. Facebook is quite similar to the Tinder application.

But, these two are totally different from one another. The only similarity is that like Facebook, Tinder lets two strangers meet through their conversation and turn it into a relationship. Another requirement for the Tinder users to log in to their profile is to use the Facebook account.

Is it Possible to use Tinder without Facebook Account?

Billions of people all over the globe use Tinder app to explore with their loving ones. Until now, you might have understood a lot about the Tinder app. It is necessary to have a Facebook account so as to use Tinder. However, you don’t have to worry about that thing. There are few ways to use Tinder just by skipping Facebook in the middle. Wondering whether it is possible? We have even included some feasible ways to sign up for Tinder sans using your Facebook.

How to Use Tinder without Facebook?

Check out the best ways that help the users to use Tinder app or login into Tinder without Facebook.

1. Change Tinder Settings

  • One of the best ways to use Tinder without Facebook is to tweak the settings on your Tinder app.
  • On Tinder app, navigate to Settings.
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  • From the settings, you need to toggle the option of ‘Show me on Tinder Social’ towards ‘ON’.
  • By doing so, you can hinder your friends on Facebook from noticing your presence on Tinder.

2. Alter Facebook App Priorities

By strengthening your privacy on Facebook, you can continue your dating culture on Tinder. By altering few Tinder specific priorities on your Facebook account, you can easily stay confidential and private as well. You can easily limit your friends to Facebook seeing on Tinder. Follow the simple steps provided below to improve your privacy on Facebook account:

  • First of all, log in to your account.
  • From the drop-down menu of Settings, tap on Privacy Checkup >> See More Settings.
  • Go to Apps option and you can see Tinder icon on it.
  • Change the visibility option to ‘Only Me’.

  • From then, the Tinder app won’t post anything related your dating habits on your Facebook Timeline.
  • In addition to this, the friends on your Facebook account won’t receive notification that you are using Tinder app.

Tinder – Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a plethora of messages regarding the Tinder app. People have innumerable doubts and queries about Tinder app and it’s usage with Facebook account. Once we got several queries from our readers, we thought of updating our article with the most frequently asked questions concerning the use of Tinder with Facebook. Some even have questions like creating a fake Facebook account so as to sync Tinder with it, etc. Check out some of the frequently asked questions about Tinder app here!

1. Can I Meet People in Realtime using Tinder?

Most of the people might have this doubt in their mind for sure. In fact, we may not give a guarantee that the people with whom you are chatting on Tinder will meet in the real life too. As this depends on the attitude and the interest of the other person, we can’t give you people such assurance.

2. How to Deal with Tinder not showing my new updated Profile Picture Even after changing on Facebook?

If you have already synced these two accounts then, you might be presuming that any change that you’ve done on the Facebook account will reflect on Tinder automatically. However, this is not actually the thing that would happen even as you sync both the accounts.

Even if you sync the accounts, none of the data you upload on Facebook will be shared between any of the two apps. If you wish to make any kind of changes to Tinder app or Facebook account, you need to make the change separately. You need to navigate to the Tinder app, change your profile picture or make any setting in a manual manner.

3. How to Fix Whoops! An error occurred while requesting a token for SMS Verification. Please try again’ Error on Tinder?

When you try to verify your Facebook account with the Tinder app, you will rarely confront this error message. It appears most frequently during the setup process. If you get this error repetitively then, follow the simple techniques provided below:

  • Just quit out the app completely forcefully. By doing so, you are giving a possibility to the SMS verification tool to rectify itself.
  • If this technique doesn’t work then, you need to delete Tinder app right from your Facebook account via settings. If you are using an iPhone, you need to go to Settings >> Apps >> Locate Facebook. Simply tap Facebook option and delete the sync that you have created between these two apps.
  • Once again, try to sync these two accounts by signing into your Facebook account on Tinder app. Check whether you are receiving the same old error message. Ensure that you login using the Facebook account that you wish to link and not your personal Facebook account.

4. How to Sync Fake Facebook account with Tinder?

It is quite safe and secure for the people to use a fake Facebook account instead of their real account. This would keep all your personal and private activities away from your friends and family members. If you want to continue your dating life in a secret manner, it’s good to go with a fake Facebook account. Follow the simple steps provided below to use a Fake Facebook account on Tinder app:

  • Log out of Tinder app on your device.
  • Navigate to Settings >> locate Facebook from the apps.
  • Delete all the permissions of Tinder connected with your Facebook profile.
  • Further, log out of your Facebook account too.
  • Now, you can start everything freshly right from the beginning.
  • You can then log in to Tinder and sync with your fake Facebook account details.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! This is all you need to know about Tinder app. These are the simple techniques that help the users of Tinder app to maintain some sort of secrecy about your customs and usage of Tinder without Facebook. We have even included some of the most commonly asked questions about Tinder here. Hope this information drives you in the right path to use Tinder in an exceptional manner. Use Tinder services in the best possible way!