MultiWll Pro Fight Controller And Drone Electric Speed Controller

Drone Electric Speed Controller

Flight Controllers:

Technology has done wonders. Drones are the marvelous creation and so flight controllers are the backbone of the drones. Flight controllers are the real thing behind the prefect controlling of the drones. Let have a look on the article below to have a complete understanding about flight controllers and especially ESC.

Multiwii Pro Fight Controller:

The Multiwii Pro Fight Controller is basically a gyro as well as accelerometer based flight controller. Contains a lot of features in it to impress you in better ways. MultiWii shows a direct connection with GPS module for prefect functioning. This controller is compatible to control even an air craft. This device is perfectly designed for multi-rotor.


• Dimensions are approximately 70x50x12mm.
• Comes with an amazingly great weight of about 16 grams.
• Comes with great GPS module.
• Shows a great Power Consumption of about 48mA @ acquisition, 37mA @ tracking.
• Reliable to show shut-down current consumption 15uA, typical.
• Come with sensor of barometer, accelerometer, magnetometer.
• Servo output is available for camera pitch as well as roll control.
• Consisting of on board USB connection for better programming.
• Will cost you not much about only 19$.


• Comes in reasonable price.
• Contains GPS module for better quality.

• Contains multiple features.


• Problem with ground control program.
• Connectivity issues with USB.

Drone Electric Speed Controller:

Drone Electric Speed Controller (ESC) for drones are now an essential part of them. As many drones consisting of high resolution, high power, high frequency and many other features. Having a reliable ESC flight controller is critical for the performance of the drone. While buying a perfect ESC for your drone, first have a look on your preference that which type of RC device you are going to use. Drones with Brushed motors and brushless motors are very much popular in the market these days. As the ESC having great brushless motors are very remarkable and reliable to use.

As brushless ESC requires less maintenance and hence provides consumer with higher output with little input. Brushless ESC is now much in demand as they work efficiency is beyond your imagination. ESC is responsible for rotors are other functioning. If you want to buy a ESC for your drone then you can easily get a ESC within reasonable price. As they are not so much expensive.

The Bottom Line:

Time to wrap up my writings. In easy and simple words, drone Electric Speed controllers are reliable to use as well as you can easily buy them as they are affordable. If you want a one, we wish you good luck!