Wltoys A959 Remote Control Super Car

Wltoys A959 Remote Control Super Car

Today in RC (radio controlling model) Hobbies/IT we are going to discuss about the WLtoys Cars. In remoting world where everything is being controlled by remote Wltoy cars are providing their facilities to you.  Many fast as well as furious cars are being designed by WLtoy cars and I am going to discuss one of them here.

WLtoys A959:

WLtoys cars is top rated company in the sense of manufacturing quality remote control cars. WLtoys A959 is a best model being introduced by WLtoy cars. This off-road buggy is compatible to move on any area of field. It is highly durable as well as reliable. Let’s have a look on specifications as well as pros and cons.


  • Prodigious 4 wheels are designed to absorb shocks.
  • Dimensions are 245*175*94mm.
  • Have a 390-brushed motor.
  • Frequency is best one, which is 2.4GHz.
  • Impressive speed of 50+km/h is stunning.
  • 4V 1100mAh battery.
  • It will take approximately 150 minutes to charge its battery completely.
  • You can easily control it under the range of 100m.
  • Will cost you only 39$.
  • Have a wheel diameter of 61mm.
  • Wheel base is 165mm.
  • It will work for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Its spare parts are easy to find.
  • Diameter of its wheel is about 61mm.
  • 28mm of wheel width is good in its own way.


  • Compatible to drive on any field including mud, rough field and even on grass.
  • Specifically design to perform heavy duty.
  • This buggy is crash resistant.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Water proof car is reliable to use.


  • Take a lot of time to charge.
  • Short driving range.
  • Sometimes battery is a big mess.
  • Ugly battery timing.

WLtoys Car:

Time to talk about WLtoys Car. WLtoys are manufacturing cars with brushed motors as well as brushless motors. Tyres are compatible to have best grippers as well as shock absorbent capacity. If your child love to drive this RC car with dynamic turns, then this will be an amazing thing for him.  Bad thing about cars by WLtoys is that it has a short life span battery timing. It takes a lot of time to charge completely and work for only 10 to 15 minutes, even in its best models. WLtoys cars are much popular and reliable to use everywhere. These are also easy to carry everywhere, anytime.


Summing up my article, A959 by WLtoys are incredibly great to use. Yes, it has some flaws and everything also has some flaws in it. But the thing is that Wltoys RC Cars are reliable to use and highly durable for your kid.