Verizon Speed Test Review – Best Internet Speed Test App

For more than a decade, Verizon has been serving the people with its accurate internet speed test results. Verizon helps you to acquire instant results about the speed of your broadband internet connection. It is not much difficult to find out the speed of the internet that your ISP has been offering. There are some local internet service providers who try to enhance their speeds whilst maintaining the charges affordable.

Whenever your ISP boasts about the speed that they are offering then, you might trust their words and never checked the speed of your internet. If you have a doubt whether the speed offered and the current gaining speed are different then, you must definitely take this Verizon Fios Speed test.

We already have numerous internet speed test services available on the web. Comcast Xfinity Speed test is one of the popular online services that enables the users to get precise internet speed test results. Despite having a plenty of online websites to check the internet speed, Verizon renders ultimate broadband speed test results for all the users. Here is everything you need to know about Verizon Fios Internet Speed Test through this complete review.

Verizon Internet Speed Test

Verizon speed test review

Verizon Fios is one of the widespread internet service providers in the United States. It is the best online test that provides you the bandwidth results for your internet connection. Verizon enables the customers of Fios high-speed internet connection to test their broadband speed through this online test. All the Verizon Fios customers are suggested to test their bandwidth using the Verizon Speed Test.

Verizon Speed Test - test your internet speed

It’s because this speed test is one of the best possible ways to get confirmation about the speed offered by your ISP is precise. In order to get accurate results about the Mbps or Gbps speeds of your bandwidth connection, Verizon aids you in the best way. In case, you are not a Verizon customer, you need not have to worry. Even if you don’t get the internet services from the Verizon ISP, you have the ability to test your internet speed from other ISPs.

However, we strongly advise you to prefer this Fios speed test only if you are a customer of Verizon. It delivers the speed of your internet through the Verizon test in an accurate way. Speakeasy Internet speed test is another popular online service that enables the users to test their download and upload speed of their broadband connection. Through this post, our readers can take a quick look at the complete review of Verizon Fios Speed Test.

Verizon Speed Test – Here’s How to Use it

Verizon is one of the widely popular internet service providers in the US. This particular service makes use of a hosted OOKLA platform. You might have already seen this platform on a wide range of speed test services out there on the web. So, the method to check the internet speed test might appear quite similar on diverse speed test websites. However, follow the simple steps provided below to understand the process of accessing the Verizon Speed Test for testing your broadband speed.

  • First of all, go to website from your mobile phone or computer from Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • The users neither have to sign in to their Verizon account nor have an account for testing their network speed.
  • Soon after landing on the home page of the Verizon website, you can find the button that says ‘Start Test’.
  • As this site takes a long time for loading, you need not have to worry about that.
  • Just wait for a few seconds until the site displays the download and upload speed of your broadband internet connection.
  • The entire process might take at least a minute or less.

Verizon speed test - download and upload speed

  • After the completion of the test, you will be redirected to the summary page.
  • You can then find the final latency, download and upload speeds for your internet.
  • If you are seeking to test your internet speed on a regular basis then, you can record the final test results.
How does Verizon Speed Test work?

The Verizon Fios speed test has gained much popularity as it is regarded as the best internet service providers across the US. That’s the reason most of the people are driven towards this website to determine their internet speed through this simple Fios speed test. The working procedure of Verizon is quite identical to the remaining speed tests available on the web.

Verizon makes use of the OOKLA process for determining the download as well as the upload speeds. This site carries out this test by sending and receiving random data to and from your PC. Later, it performs specific fundamental math so as to find your internet speed in Mbps for both download and upload speed. You can get the best support from Verizon to ask for a refund regarding the slow internet speeds by carrying out the speed tests frequently.

Can I Use Verizon Speed Test for my Internet Connection?

These days, most of the mobile network service providers are offering mouthwatering offers to its customers via 3G or 4G internet data services. Millions of people across the world are trying to access the web right from their mobile devices. Only people from workplaces and homes are accessing the internet from the desktop via Wi-Fi for different home-based and business purposes.

The first and foremost thing that an individual must remember before trying to access the Verizon Speed test is that you must be a Verizon customer. Only then, this Fios speed test will be beneficial for all the users. This test is helpful only for those who aren’t seeking for a real-world test.

If you are extremely concerned about the real test results for your broadband internet connection then, we advise you to check the best non-ISP hosted service. There are some of popular HTML-5 based internet speed test services available on the web. Some of them include, Bandwidth Place, and SpeedOf.Me. The ISP-hosted services don’t deliver precise speed test results for your internet.

The Bottom Line

That’s all! This is all you need to know about Verizon Fios Speed Test. Hope this tutorial has given you a detailed information about the method to check the speed of the internet connection, download and upload speeds with much ease.

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