Top 10 Tools to Unblur Photos Online Free – How to unblur Pics

Capturing the most memorable moments that happen in our life is a great thing. What if your memories are blurred? You may not be able to watch them clearly leaving you dismal over the poor photography. Not always we could capture picture-perfect images like a pro. In some cases, there could be flaws in the photos that we capture or some others in our family or friends.

Most of the time, the pictures that didn’t get well captured is all due to the blur effect. In case, the camera is jarred during the capture then, the photo will be blurred. Such kind of blunders shouldn’t spoil your wonderful memories. Is there any tool to rectify those blur photos? Yes, absolutely! There is a slew of photo deblur tools available for all the people.

One need not download and install exclusive apps for unblurring the photos. All you can use them is via online. We have numerous tools to unblur photos online instantly without any hassle. In this post, we have listed out the top 10 best tools to fix your blurry pictures online. This compilation of unblur tools comprises of both the paid and free tools available for the users. Take a quick glance!

1. Fotor Photo Blur

Fotor Photo Blur is an excellent and top pick among the best deblur tools online. The interface of this website is quite impressive with elegant design. The users can come across numerous adjustments present on the left side of this website. One could use a plethora of features present in Fotor Photo Blur to edit and fix various blurred pictures.

Fotor Photo Blur - Best unblur tool online

Some of the editing tools include sharpen, resize, add watermark, remove a watermark, crop and a lot more. There is a possibility of adding special effects in order to enhance the beauty of your picture. The beneficial feature on Fotor Photo Blur is blur option which can be accessed from the Effects menu. The users can even adjust the blur intensity and add an extensive range of effects and filters to the photos.

Compatible Platforms – Android, iOS, Mac & Windows

2. SmartDeblur

It is another popular photo unblur tool online for different platforms. This is a great tool that can be used to remove the blur in your photos and beautify them using a plethora of tools. You can alter the motion blurred images into the bright ones via automatic shake pattern analysis.

Smart Deblur - best tool to unblur photos

The users can remove the irregularities present in some defocused images and even undo some types of blurs. There is a free trial version of Smart Deblur tool and one can easily upgrade it to Home and Pro versions. There is a home version of Smart Deblur tool that can be purchased at $49. If you want to get the pro version of the tool, you can install it at a price of $98.

Compatible Platforms – Windows and MAC

3. LunaPic

LunaPic is a free tool that helps the users to unblur the photos via online. You can easily edit your photos just by fixing the blur with much ease. In order to use this tool, the users don’t need to install this software on their compatible devices.

Top Photo Unblur tools - Lunapic

All you need to do is just upload the photo on LunaPic and adjust the photo clearing the blur present in it.  The users can add different animations, vibrant borders and outline text to the photo. Despite having a repellent interface on this website, the users can make use of this tool to deblur the picture easily.

4. Photo Sharpen

Photo Sharpen is another greatest online tool to unblur your photos. Another amazing feature of this tool is to sharpen the pictures with much ease. You may not find a plenty of editing features or filters on this tool. The fundamental use of this tool is to sharpen the photo that you will upload.

Photo Sharpen tool to unblur photos

Just by uploading the picture and tapping the Sharpen button, you can easily beautify your pictures. Once the picture is sharpened, you can view the picture and download it later. This tool is compatible with various image formats such as GIF, BMP, JPEG and other popular formats.

Supported Platforms – Windows & MAC

5. Focus Magic

Focus Magic is another best tool to deblur the pictures online. Different tools present on the web make use of the Unsharp Mask technology so as to unblur the photos. By using this technology, the contract on the edges will enhance that eventually makes the photo appear sharper than previous. Unlike other tools, the Focus Magic tool makes use of advanced deconvolution technology.

Focus Magic - unblur your images

This completely reverses the method wherein the picture becomes out of the focus. It tries to unblur the photos in a great way. The users can register with this tool so that they can unblur the photos up to 10 times. If you consider registering for the lifetime then, the charge is just $65. There is a free trial option available for this tool.

Compatible Platforms – Windows & Mac

6. Unsharp Mask

Unsharp Mask is another best photo unblur tool online that lets you sharpen the picture with much ease. The feature present in this tool lets the users sharpen their beloved pictures into a deblurred image. This tool is available in the GIMP and Photoshop software tools. All you need to do is to simply drag the image into the GIMP.

Unsharp Mask - Sharpen your pictures

You can then add that picture to deblur. You can even enhance your picture clarity by using the filters and pick the enhance option present in Unsharp Mask tool. By selecting the Unsharp mask option, you can turn the photos well.

7. Blurity


Blurity is a great online tool that can be used for deblurring the photos for free. With this fantastic tool, you can easily fix the typical blur in your picture. Using this tool, one could easily fix the double exposed images without much difficulty. It means that the photo on which the image displayed twice can be rectified using this tool. Blurity has the power to repair the blurry pictures by removing them neatly.

8. Movavi Deblur

Movavi Deblur Photo Editor

It is a great tool that can make a blurred photo clear. On this tool, you can find a slider button that can be accessed to adjust the blur intensity present in the picture. There is a sharpening tool available in Movavi photo editor that helps you to deblur the pictures. All you need to do is to simply drag and drop the image and make some adjustments to the blur intensity via a slider button. This is a tool that can be used absolutely for free of cost.

Compatible Platforms – Windows & Mac

9. Easy Photo Unblur

Easy Photo Unblur 1.3 version

Another great tool to unblur your pictures online is definitely Easy Photo Unblur. Even if your photography is a bit poor, you don’t have to worry much. Here is Easy photo Unblur tool that rectifies your blunders in capturing a great photo. With just a single click, one can fix their blurred photos online. The latest version of this tool is Easy Photo Unblur 1.3.

10. Fix Photo Blur

Fix Photo Blur tool

Fix Photo Blur tool helps you deblur the pictures with the slider button available on it. One can easily adjust the blur intensity in a photo through this tool. The users can easily overwrite the image or simply save a copy of the photo. It is an absolutely free to use the tool online.

Compatible Platforms – Android 4.0 and higher versions of the OS

Final Words

Here ends the list of the best and top 10 tools to fix the blurred photos online. From now on, you can rectify all the mistakes on your pictures like blurriness with the best online unblur tools.

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