TestMy.net Review – Broadband Internet Speed Test

Are you exploring a trustworthy internet speed test on the web? It would be quite challenging for the users to pick the right one from hundreds of websites available on the web. However, one can choose the best one that helps the users to find the accurate download and upload speeds for your network.

From the numerous speed test websites available on the web, we can consider TestMy.net as the best bandwidth speed testing website. In order to find out whether your ISP is rendering precise download and upload speeds for your bandwidth connection, the TestMy.net speed test will definitely help the users.

Testmy.net speed test review

This website has been serving the netizens for 20 years by providing accurate speed results. In this post, we have come up with an in-depth review of TestMy.net internet speed test website. By using this speed test, one can easily track their download and upload speeds without any hassle. Have a glimpse!

TestMy.net Internet Speed Test

TestMy.net is an excellent internet speed test service that delivers fast and accurate results for your bandwidth network. As it is a reliable website, it delivers versatile results compared to other network speed testing portals present on the internet. This website carries out a sequence of tests and generates a huge beneficial comparison data. One can even find the tests that were done in the recent times on this website.

On this website, one can find separate options for testing both the download and upload speed tests. One can run this speed test with much ease as it offers an intuitive user interface. As of now, more than millions of consumers across the globe have been accessing the TestMy.net website. From the Mercury Speed test page, one can test the connection between their network and any website based on your choice.

This website is compatible with all the web browsers sans the requirement of plugins. Besides this, the users can check out the statistics regarding their bandwidth connection. This is one of the unique features of TestMy.net service that we may not find it in other speed test services. You can get to know a lot more about this service through this post.

TestMy.net Features – Best Speed Test Google

Here are some of the notable features of TestMy.net website that are beneficial to all the internet users. Check it out!

  • TestMy.net makes use of HTML5 in order to run its speed tests instead of Flash or Java. It indicates that one can use this website on mobile web browsers as well as the desktop browsers.
  • There is a possibility of running the upload and download test separately. Otherwise, you can even blend the two and check the final result through the autotest.

TestMy.net speed test website review

  • This website collects the complete results of all the users’ speed tests and places them on their database page.
  • From that database, one can view the speed test results of other users, ISPs, locations, and countries that offer high-speed services.
  • The servers that are used by TestMy.net are situated in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. The users can set any of the servers as their default one and use some of them alongside the multithread speed test.
  • The users can set the sample size of the file as a custom size that’s utilized to test the download and upload bandwidth. The custom size ranges up to 200 MB and 100 MB.
  • One can easily save the final test results in text format to their PC as a PNG image file. It can be accessed through an exceptional URL and exported to a CSV file.

What’s Unique in TestMy.net Website?

TestMy.net is an excellent service that delivers real-world broadband speed test results to all the users in the real-time. The speed test servers are configured in order to endure and deliver the best quality services to all the people. For accurate speed test results, you must definitely try out TestMy.net website.

The data related to your speed test results can’t be altered on this service and maintains genuine right from the beginning to the end. One can even find the ‘Test in Progress’ data on the download speed test results. Through this, one can ensure that numbers could be altered easily. As it is a third party website, it has nothing to do with your test results.

How to Use TestMy.net Speed Test?

Follow the simple steps provided below to learn the procedure to test your bandwidth speed:

  • First of all, go to the official website of TestMy.net from your web browser.
  • On the website, you can find different tabs wherein you need to hit ‘Internet Speed Test’ tab from the Home section.
  • On that page, you can find three different options such as download speed test, upload speed test, and automatic speed test.
  • If you want individual speed test results then select any of the two options initially.
  • Otherwise, select ‘automatic speed test’ option to get complete data for your speed test.

Testmy.net speed test download speed results

  • If you pick download speed test, you will land on the next page wherein you can tap ‘Test Download speed’ button.
  • It then starts downloading random data and tests your connection speed.

Check download speed of internet with testmy.net website

  • In a few seconds, you can find the download speed test result displayed on the screen.
  • If you want the complete results then, you can tap automatic option.
  • That’s all! This is the easy process to check the speed of your internet connection through TestMy.net website.

Pros of TestMy.net

  • It makes use of HTML5 in order to deliver the reliable test results.
  • No affiliation with an internet service provider.
  • One can read the final speed test results with much ease as they are understandable.
  • The history of results will be saved to the account of the users via online.

Cons of TestMy.net

  • The user interface of this site might not be eye-catching like other sites.
The Bottom Line

That’s all! This is all you need to know about TestMy.net website that delivers precise results for your broadband internet speed. With this speed test, you can find whether your ISP is deceiving you or not. For more queries, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments section below.

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