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The mobile apps usage has become much popular across the world on different mobile platforms. People are depending on a plethora of apps in the current era for their daily routine tasks. Eventually, the developers of different mobile apps have increased at a rapid pace.Download TestFlight - Test Beta Apps on iOS

The developers will launch an app on the market only after completing the testing process. Here is the best app that enables the testers to test various apps on different devices. The TestFlight app is the best platform rolled out by Apple developers specifically for the testers.

They will gain the ability to send a testable version of any app to particular beta users. It is pretty much essential for the users to understand that this app is quite varied from the App Store. Here is everything you need to know about TestFlight App for iOS and other Apple devices. Have a glimpse! Also Download: OGYoutube Videos Downloader

TestFlight App Download – Key Points

App InformationTechnical Details
App NameTestFlight
Latest Version2.0.0
Last Updated19th September 2017
DevelopersApple Inc.
CategoryTesting Tool
Operating SystemiOS
Compatible VersionsiOS 8.0 or later
Supported DevicesiPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV
Size of the App31.6MB

What is TestFlight 

TestFlight is the best platform that enables the testers to place a testable version of their app to the beta users. It is the best online service designed and developed for testing various mobile applications especially iOS apps. The developers of different apps have the chance to use the services offered by TestFlight.

TestFlight App Download for iOS

As part of its services, the developers can distribute their apps to the internal as well as the external beta testers. The testers will, in turn, send a feedback regarding the functionality and the performance of that app to the respective developers. The TestFlight SDK [Software Development Kit] renders the ability to the developers to get the information about the app.

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The details include the tester feedback, reports about crash and remote logs. When you [the developer] send an invitation through TestFlight to any user, they need to download the TestFlight app. Then, they gain the ability to download a specific version of the developed app and use it for about 60 days.

Who can use TestFlight 

Before knowing the supported platforms for the TestFlight app, let us get a brief idea about the history of TestFlight. Originally, Benjamin Satterfield and Trystan Kosmynka have designed this service in the year 2010. They have initially developed TestFlight as a single platform so as to test various mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms.

Later, Apple Inc. has acquired this service in 2014 and shut down its support for Android platform. As of now, the users of iOS and tvOS can make use of TestFlight service for testing the apps. The TestFlight service is compatible with various iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod Touch.

Features of TestFlight

TestFlight is an excellent service that provides a facility for testing beta apps on various devices. The developers can send their beta apps to the users and let them the test on the devices like iOS, watchOS, tvOS and more. Here are some of the notable features offered by TestFlight service to all the users. Check it here!

1. Send Invites

  • The developers need to send invites to the testers in the first place.
  • The testers will then gain the ability to commence the testing of that particular app using TestFlight.

2. Redeem Invitations

  • On TestFlight app, the testers can redeem their invitations and carry out various tasks.
  • Some of them include installing the app, testing the app, sending worthy feedback to the developers.
  • The developers can send invitations to the testers on the iTunes Connect website.

3. Get Beta App Updates

  • Once the testers are done with sending feedback to the developers, they will receive updates for the beta app.

When should you use TestFlight

At the initial levels of developing apps, you can use the TestFlight service so as to test your initial builds of the app. Through the release builds, you can carry out the starting phase of testing. At that level, it comprises of less amount of debugging stuff. Whenever you find some sort of crashes in the app, you may not have adequate details to rectify the code and try to fix the issue.

When the developer is completely satisfied with the app and found the major bugs in the app then, the create release builds. Then, that particular stage is referred to as the beta phase. It is just a few steps ahead to the final version of the fully developed application. The release builds are pretty much better for the beta user builds. So, it is often recommended to use TestFlight service at the beta phase of the app.

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How to Test Beta Apps using TestFlight Service

In order to test the beta apps, the testers can make use of the TestFlight app on their iOS device. To gain the ability to test beta apps, the testers need to receive an invitation from the developers. Here is a detailed procedure on how to carry out the testing for beta apps through the TestFlight app.

  • To begin the testing, the testers must give their email address to the developer.
  • Only then, the developers will send an invitation to test the apps directly to your email address.
  • The testers can either accept the invitation in the TestFlight iOS app or use the redemption code.
  • You can find the redemption code through a link which is present in the beta invitation.
  • After accepting the invitation, you need to install the pre-release build.
  • Later, the TestFlight app will send you a notification regarding the availability of new builds.
  • If you want to update to the latest build, you need to hit the ‘Update’ button.

Pros of TestFlight App

  • Apple developers have rolled out an exclusive feature on the TestFlight app. The developers have the ability to distribute their beta app to about 10000 external users over-the-air. This enables a chance to the developers to get feedback from a huge number of users.
  • Ability to test a total of 100 apps simultaneously through the external or internal users.
  • The developers can distribute a specific app to a particular set of beta testers over-the-air on an instant basis.

Cons of TestFlight App

  • The main drawback of the TestFlight app is that the iOS users solely have the ability to test the beta apps and send their feedback to the developers.
  • There is only stipulated amount of time fixed for beta testing.
  • Constrained to a specific type of builds.
Final Verdict

After reviewing the whole TestFlight application, we come to a conclusion that this app is worth considering for beta testing your apps. Well, the pros of TestFlight will surely make the cons negligible for the users. You can download TestFlight App from the official iTunes app store for free.

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