Speedof.Me Review : Best & Accurate Internet Speed Test

We have infinite online tools and software programs that assist the users to determine the speed of your internet. By using the best tools, one can quickly discover the upload and download speeds. Have you ever used Speedof Me Speed Test? If you face any sort of problems with the internet such as slow connection or low speed of the network then, use Speedof Me speed test to find it easily.

SpeedOf.Me is an online website that provides the internet speed test results to its users. It operates adversely than most of the online services available on the web. We can consider as the best thing about Speed of Me website. There are different standard bandwidth tests present on the web that make use of Flash and Java for testing the speed of the internet. But, the SpeedOf Me does not them for determining the internet speed test. Rather, the SpeedOf Me service tests the bandwidth straight from the browser through HTML5.

Instead of the online services that use one of those third-party plugins, this online service makes use of HTML5. By using this plugin, there are higher possibilities to get accurate results for the speed test. It supports different contemporary browsers, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It indicates that one can test their bandwidth from their PC, laptop, tablet and even smartphone. Check it out!

Speedof Me  – Most Accurate Speed Test

Speedof Me Internet Speed Test Review

Speedof.me is an HTML5-based speed test is the best test that provides accurate speed test result for all the users. It is a lightweight platform specifically designed and developed to provide the real-time browsing and downloading conditions. It requests a list of files of enhancing the sizes and records the speed of the internet connection whilst downloading or uploading. This site also provides the speed in a graphical representation in the real-time.

In addition to it, this website helps the users in tracking the precise results for your bandwidth speed. One can keep a track of the results for their previous internet speed tests. Instead of choosing a region, the website starts calculating the fastest and utmost secured server from 88 available servers. The files from the server are downloaded and uploaded in a sequential order instead concurrently. By that, one could acquire the experience of browsing the internet in the realtime.

SpeedOf.Me is a broadband speed test service that utilizes refined browser abilities that include HTML5 and JavaScript. This particular service has been designed exclusively for measuring the internet connection speed sans using a Java or Flash like 3-rd party tools. Speed Of Me is compatible with various devices such as iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android and other devices and desktop PCs. The server will be selected automatically.

SpeedOf.Me Speed Test Features

Here are some of the unique features offered by SpeedOf Me to all the users:

  • SpeedOf.Me is a single threaded test while the remaining speed test services online are multi-threaded.
  • It makes use of a single connection for downloading the individual files which are familiar to what users really execute in their daily browsing and downloading.
  • SpeedOf.Me employs CDN for hosting its sample files that aren’t similar to the routine servers with confined bandwidth.
  • This speed test uses primitive browser abilities instead of the third-party plugins such as Flash or Java that have their own burden.
  • A multi-threaded test is profoundly adapted that works in measuring the speed of your internet connection.
  • It has an exceptional algorithm that cannot be deceived by PowerBoost or comparable speed enrichment tools.
  • In brief, the results you get through the SpeedOf.Me speed test service is more realistic and representative of your genuine Internet quality service.

How SpeedOf.Me Speed Test Works?

SpeedOf.Me is remarkably simple to use. One may not be aware of the network hardware for testing their bandwidth speed. It’s completely easy for the users just by tapping the ‘Start Test’ button present on the home screen. Soon after tapping the button, the users need to wait until the speed test results are displayed on the screen. The complete working of the algorithm carries out in the background.

Some of the internet speed test websites download little pieces of data and project the results to give you the speed of your network. Unlike such website, the Speed Of Me website is completely unique as it tests the connection using huge file samples for more than 8 seconds. By analyzing the speed of an internet connection this way, one will surely get precise results for their network irrespective of the speed it offers.

Ranging from the slowest to the high-speed internet connection, one can get accurate results through this SpeedOf.Me website. As this website uses large file samples for testing the network, the final outcomes will be quite connected to the exact browsing experience of the user in real-time. As mentioned before, this service doesn’t download the files in small chunks. The results that are displayed on SpeedOf.Me website is totally exceptional. After showing the final result, the users can find the lines moving up and down in the graph for better understanding.

Speed of Me – Here’s How to Use it?

Here is a detailed step by step procedure that helps the users to find out the speed of their bandwidth network using the SpeedOf.Me speed test online.

  • First of all, visit the official website of SpeedOf.Me from your Windows PC or laptop or mobile device.
  • Soon after landing on the homepage of the website, you will find the start test button at the bottom of the page towards the left side.
  • Just hit the ‘Start Test’ button and wait for some time.
  • The site will start calculating the speed of your network showing you in a graphical representation.
  • The download and upload speed will be shown at the top of the page after measuring the speed.

Speedofme speed test

  • The users can even find the latency, maximum download, and maximum upload speed.
  • After checking the results, you can either save or take a print out of the results.
  • The users can get the precise copy of the same that they view on the chart.
  • One could even take a print out of the upload results with much ease.
Pros of SpeedOf.Me

Here are some of the benefits or the advantages that one could get by using the Speed of me speed test:

  • As this is a lightweight online service, one can operate it with much ease and quickly.
  • It has a special intelligence in finding the best testing servers.
  • More than 80 servers are situated all over the world in 5 different continents.
  • This speed test service is compatible with both mobile as well as the desktop browsers.
  • One can download a bit to bit in-depth speed report for your internet connection.
  • It also saves the test results from your previous speed tests.
  • Instead of Java or Flash, it makes use of HTML5-based speed test.
  • One can share their speed test results or just save the image or a PDF file.
Cons of SpeedOf.Me

Just like the advantages, there is some limitation on Speed of Me speed test. Check it out!

  • The graphics present on this service might not appear appealing just like other speed test sites available on the web.
  • Unable to alter the unit appeared in the final speed test results i.e., megabit or megabyte.
  • There is no option to register an account on it. So, there is no chance of securing your result history for a long period of time.
The Bottom Line

This is all you need to know about the SpeedOf.Me speed test for your Windows, Android and other platforms. Hope this guide has given you the best way to find accurate results for your internet bandwidth.

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