Speakeasy Speed Test Review – Check Your Internet Speed Test

Is your network bandwidth worthy of your payment? Have you ever tried to test the speed of your internet? If not, here is the best online service that provides you accurate results. At the time of setting up a new internet connection, your internet service provider might have given an assurance about the internet speed. In actual fact, one may not get the exact speed as they promised before providing an internet connection. The downloading and uploading speed might vary from what they have said before.

Speakeasy Speed test - download and upload speed

As per a report from the Wall Street Journal, some of the ISPs are providing only 40 percent of less download speed than they broadcast. This indicates that most of the service providers are offering only half of the download speed from what they claim to actually deliver. We have numerous internet speed testing websites and apps available on the internet. Some of them include Comcast Xfinity Test, Ookla speedtest.net and more.

Each speed test service might show a specific result i.e., the download and upload speed. Try to test on multiple network speed calculators on the web. Each might show varied outcomes in their download and the uploading speed. Here, we have come up with an excellent network speed test service, Speakeasy. Check out the complete review of Speakeasy internet speed test service here.

Test your Internet Speed with Speakeasy

Speakeasy Internet Speed Test Review

Speakeasy is a simple internet speed test website that helps the users to check the bandwidth speed of their internet connection. One can find out the bandwidth between a home network and any of the 8 US-based servers. Speakeasy is the best website that offers an intuitive user interface. It is quite simple to access from any of your web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This website secures a record of the test results that you have made previously on Speakeasy.

One can easily export their previous test results to a spreadsheet file. MegaPath is one of the leading network providers in the United States. Some of the best services offered by MegaPath include internet services, voice services and more. It has designed and developed Speakeasy internet speed test website to all the users. This website is a nationwide network managed by the private organization designed for speed, security, and flexibility.

How Speakeasy Works?

With the latest technology, Speakeasy offers a reliable network path for the data packets to move with much ease. At the time of executing some of the applications, Speakeasy speed test will take numerous elements into the consideration. By determining the speed test, one can understand the actual time taken to transfer some bits or bytes of data from one device to the other regardless of the performance and the internet connection.

Once you perform a speed test of your internet on Speakeasy website, you will get the test results, download speed, upload speed of the internet connection, latency, transfer rate and Kbps rate. Speakeasy.net is one of the most prevalent destinations that lets you find the speed of your internet through a simple test. It has started analyzing 56K and other broadband connection speed since the 1990s.

Currently, the users will redirect to MegaPath Speakeasy speed test website that renders the similar functionalities. Millions of people across the world make use of this best service to get accurate results about the broadband connection speed through this test. Speakeasy offers a simple user interface that shows the results of internet speed test without any hassle.

How to Access Speakeasy Internet Speed Test Website?

Follow the simple steps provided below to easily gain access to the Speakeasy internet speed test website so as to acquire instant results about your broadband connection speed.

  • First of all, visit the official website of MegaPatch Speakeasy website.
  • Just click here to navigate to the Speakeasy.net speed test determining website.
  • Soon after tapping the link, you will land on the home page of the website.

Speakeasy speed test - get accurate results

  • On the homepage, you can find a button that says ‘Start Test’.
  • Just tap that button to check your internet speed.
  • Below that button, you can find another link that lets you change your location.
  • Tap the link ‘Change City’ and select your location. You can even select the option that says ‘Select Automatically’.

Speakeasy internet speed test - download and upload speed

  • Once you tap the start test option, the website starts calculating the downloading speed, uploading speed of your internet connection.
  • All the results will be saved just below the speed test so that you can compare with the previous scans.
  • The CSV file that you generate from the previous scans comprises of the date and time of the scan, your IP address, the location of the server, download and the upload speed.
  • This way, the users can maintain a track of earlier scans as there is no provision to create an exclusive user account on Speakeasy website.
Is Speakeasy Compatible with All Browsers?

Speakeasy is the best website that lets the users test the internet or broadband speed with much ease. One main requirement that a user must have on their device is to have Flash running in their browser. There are some web browsers that are not compatible with Flash. Some of the web browsers include Safari on iPhones and more. On such browsers, there is no possibility to use Speakeasy website. The tests related to the Flash are pretty less reliable.

Some of the internet speed test websites enable the users to share the results of their results with other people. By sending the same bandwidth results to your internet service provider or another technician, your speed issues might be fixed. Speakeasy solely allows the users to download a spreadsheet file of the results. Some other websites just provide you a URL.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about MegaPath Speakeasy Internet speed test. Hope this tutorial has given you accurate results about your broadband speed. For more queries and doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments section. We send our retort to the doubt or the query as soon as possible.

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