Top 10 Sites like Craigslist – Best Alternatives to Buy & Sell Ads

Will you get rid of a huge pile of extinct stuff simply lying around in your home fallow? If you don’t have an adequate space for them at your home then, there are a couple of options. One is to simply discard them out of your house. The second option is to sell them away for a specific price. If the product yet appears in a functioning state then, selling them out is the ultimate decision.

Nevertheless, it makes more sense to generate some amount out of such unused stuff rather than throwing them away. There are abundant websites out there that help you display your older products and sell them via online. The internet has an ocean of options for those who are looking forward to selling their older stuff with much ease. Some of them include disposing of and selling an old sofa cushion, put an auction to your attire, sell an outmoded car or house online.

For such folks, Craigslist is a perfect haven. It is an innovative method to find various goods and services online. Craigslist has grabbed utmost popularity among the people as an online classifieds advertisements platform. Since its launch in 1995, this website has been serving millions of people all over the world. For achieving something, we definitely have a plethora of options. Likewise, there will be bounteous alternatives for a classifieds platform like Craigslist. We are here to help you in regard to your exploration to buy or sell something online.

Craigslist – Perfect Platform for Online Classifieds

top sites like craigslist for buying and selling

Craigslist is one of the widely popular classified ads platforms with a plenty of sections nuts about jobs, for sale, housing, resumes, discussion forums, items to be purchased, and more. As mentioned earlier, Craigslist started to deliver its online services to all the people across different countries since 1995. This particular online classifieds advertisement platform has about 80 million new classified ads. Ultimately, Craigslist has turned out to become the leading classified ads platform in any sector.

Some of the prevalent listings on this site include rooms, cars, personal advertisements, jobs, bartering, free stuff and more. The Craigslist platform renders its services to millions of people residing in more than 70 countries. Apart from gaining good terms about this platform, Craigslist had to confront blaming for allowing people to add fake posts regarding different jobs and services.

Undoubtedly, with the evolution of Craigslist online platform, people have almost ignored the classifieds on the newspapers. Despite Craigslist has dominated the entire space, there are several such platforms that render the similar services just like Craigslist. If you are quite curious then, just scroll down through this post. We have gathered a huge list of the top 10 best Craigslist alternatives for people who are hunting for the best platform to buy & sell goods and services.

Best Alternatives to Craigslist 2018 

Check out the massive collection of the top 10 sites like Craigslist that you must definitely take a quick glance at for selling and purchasing goods online.

For Job Seekers

There are innumerable sections for which an individual carry out his/her search across these online classified ad platforms. Among them, the highly rated section is for the job hunters. It is absolutely a fact that Craigslist is a perfect platform for those who are in a search of a job in their preferred sector.

We have numerous opportunities for the unemployed folks out there ranging from jobs in start-ups to vacancies in top-notch multinational firms. For the best job listing that befits your skills and knowledge, you can look at the best Craigslist alternatives listed below.

1.  TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit has initiated its services as the best online and mobile marketplace from 2008. Since its evolution in the market, this website has turned out to become a synonymous platform with the term ‘gig economy’. It is the best platform that serves the job hunters in the best way.

TaskRabbit - Craigslist Alternatives

This particular website links the job seekers with the people exploring pretty assistance with peculiar jobs. We term the job seekers as taskers in TaskRabbit website. In order to furnish perfect job matches for the people, TaskRabbit executes a couple of things. One is it enables the taskers to create a profile that shows their rate per hour. Later, it enables the clients who are seeking for the assistance to post a task request for various jobs.

It could range from providing assistance in setting the furniture to waiting in a queue to make a reservation at the restaurant. The taskers can easily pick a perfect job through this website. Once the client gives a confirmation to a tasker regarding their job details and their hourly rate then, the two parties are matched perfectly.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor was originally launched in the year 2008. There is an interesting background behind the initiation of this website. The CEO of this site has sent a sheet of his employee’s salaries to the public printer mistakenly instead of his private printer. This, in turn, drive him to question himself as ‘why do the employers maintain a secret regarding their salary details?’ He shared his idea with one of his former colleagues who eventually started Glassdoor website.

Craigslist - Glassdoor for job seekers

Glassdoor is a perfect place for the people who are looking forward to searching for a new job. Apart from listing the job openings, this platform also enables the users to filter their search via reviews. This will provide some knowledge to the person regarding the company, job info, and more details. The job seekers will get an idea of how much salary they could expect for their job role.

3. Moonlighting

Moonlighting is the best freelance jobs marketplace available for all the job seekers out there. This site is quite similar to the TaskRabbit website that enabes the users to search for the jobs that matches their skills and educational qualifications.

Moonlighting - free lance jobs

This site will connect the job seekers with the clients. You can find long term freelance jobs alongside a huge list of jobs ranging from a web designer to a wedding photographer. Irrespective of the field in which you are a specialist, you can catch a gig that befits your skills.

For Selling Additional Junk

There are numerous websites on the internet quite similar to Craigslist that help the users to sell extra stuff lying around in your house. There is an extensive range of items that can be purchased and sold online via the best sites. One can buy a newly launched vehicle or get their outdated couch out of the house by selling it for certain price. Craigslist might enable the users to sell and purchase immense stuff with much ease. However, if you exploring the alternative sites for Craigslist then, you can check out the best options below.

4. Facebook Marketplace

As we all are aware of Facebook as the leading social media platform on the web. Facebook has gained immense craze and popularity among the users for its fantabulous features and services. We use this website in our day to day life fundamentally for communication purpose, posting photos, videos, latest newsfeed and more. This is not just we can do on Facebook.

There is much more than what you actually know and do with a Facebook account. Most of them might not be aware that Facebook has a marketplace that enables the users to carry out online sales and purchases without much difficulty. Facebook Marketplace is an innovative idea for the beginning of a new epoch in the business world.

Facebook Marketplace - best alternative to craigslist

For people who are extremely concerned about great security can prefer Facebook Marketplace. This particular tool enables the users of Facebook to purchase or sell items in their vicinity. The fringe benefit of Facebook Marketplace is that it links to your Facebook profile and pops up the data that you’ve posted as public. This platform eventually makes it simpler to get rid of harmful spam and other fishing techniques.

5. eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online retail website on the internet. On this platform, you can find a huge variety of items such as electronics, pets, jobs, housing, for sale, cars and vehicles, services and more. Tons of second-hand products and goods can be purchased or sold through the eBay website.

eBay - best place to sell and buy items

Through this site, one can carry out various product deliveries at a rapid speed. On the internet space, eBay has turned out to be a leading online shopping portal for all the folks. For those who are seeking to sell or buy items, eBay is the perfect platform.

The user interface of this website is quite impressive and easy to access. it is pretty much simple to list the items on eBay. For selling an item on eBay, you can type the category of the item to which it belongs and eBay will display the similar items to it. Once it ensures that the condition of the product is decent then, eBay sends the recommendations regarding its pricing.

6. LetGo

LetGo is another popular websites which is the best alternative to Craigslist. People who are looking forward to selling their unused stuff can do it on LetGo website with much ease. The things can be sold on LetGo include cars, gadgets, electronics, motors, home appliances, services and more.

LetGo - Best Site to sell buy items

LetGo is one of the rapidly developing websites which is also available as an application. With its impressive user interface, LetGo has already grabbed millions of users across the world. Through this website, one can sell, purchase and resale it in the local places in a quick way.

For Housing

There are innumerable sections on Craigslist. Among them, most of the people hunt for housing across different locations. We can find the best housing section on this site that enables the users to post the availability of rented house, openings for roommates and more. The landlords can even post the house available for rent. If you are seeking to find the rented housing information, check them on the best Craigslist alternative sites listed out below.

7. Roomster

Roomster is another best website that lets you find information related to the house available for rent. Originally, this site was initiated from the year 2003. The core mission of this website is to make everyone find a roommate with much ease.

Roomster - search for a new rent house or roommates

On this site, one can easily post the listings regarding their available rooms and space. The users who are in hunt for a rent house can sort through the listings and filter the best one. There can pick any one from variety of options such as the whole place, a roommate or a tenant.

Roomster site also enables the users to link their social media accounts to the Roomster profiles. By doing so, you will get a confirmation that your potential roommate is a precise person but not someone fake.

8. SpareRoom

SpareRoom - find roommates - ads for rented rooms

SpareRoom is an excellent platform that enables the users to search for a roommate. This site is beneficial for those who are seeking for ‘room wanted’ ads and ‘room available’ advertisements. It has expanded its services using an IRL event or Speed Roomating in different locations. Some of them include Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. It connects a specific group of people who are looking forward to a new housemate.

For Casual Chats & Meetings

There are numerous platforms available for the users who are craving to encounter with like-minded strangers. On Craigslist, we had a section with the name Personals. It enables the users to meet people in real time after communicating with them online. Here are some of the best alternatives to Craigslist personals listed below.

9. Happn

Dating has become quite common these days among the people across different countries. As a result, numerous online dating websites have emerged on the internet. If you are seeking to connect with people then, Happn is a perfect dating application.

Happn - best online dating app - Craigslist personals alternative

This app was launched into the market in the year 2014. It lets the users to mingle with people who are seeking to go on a date with others. By looking at the profile of one another, people can easily select a person and meet them in person if they are interested.

10. Grindr

Are you looking for a person to date or a casual hook up? If so, you must check out Grindr website originally launched in 2009. It is one of the best LGBTQ apps that has enables the users to post their sexual preferences. Later, they can display the information to others and once if they are interested, you can then start to date with that guy. In fact, this website is intended for gay people.

Wrapping Up

Here ends the list of the top 10 best alternatives to Craigslist. Hope this list of websites and apps have assisted you in finding out a job, sell or purchase goods and services with much ease. The sites that we have listed in this post have been regarded as the topmost sites like Craigslist that acts as an incredible stop for online classifieds advertisement platform.

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