Sites Like Airbnb : 10 Best Alternatives for Vacation Rentals

Are you exploring for a perfect vacation rental? Then, what are you waiting for? Just check out the best website Airbnb to book a rental property to enjoy your vacation and stay in a luxurious hotel or room. We have numerous popular companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway. We consider those websites as the short-term vacation rentals in the cities across the USA.

For some valid reasons, Airbnb has turned out to become a leading online vacation rental website. But, why to stick on only to that website? In this vast internet, we have numerous competitors to Airbnb that deliver excellent services to its customers. If you are considering safety as well as saving your money then, check out the best sites like Airbnb and book your stay for your vacation.

Instead of facing issues to reserve a hotel in some unknown location, it’s quite better to book a hotel or apartment through the sites like Airbnb on the web. With an intention to make your vacation safe and enjoyable, we have rounded out the best alternatives to Airbnb. Here is the best collection of the budget-friendly and secured rental apartment and hotel listings in this post. Check it out!

Airbnb Competitors – Best Rental Sites

Airbnb is a leading online vacation property renting website. The major strength of this website solely lies in its community-specific approach. The hosts, as well as the rental owners, will verify the identity details of the customers. There are numerous tools available for the guests so as to contact the hosts and other users. There is a facility to give ratings to the hosts and guests. Due to additional security measures, sometimes, people booking a house on Airbnb is a challenging task. So, some of them prefer the sites that are similar to Airbnb website. We have compiled a list of the best Airbnb competitors for rental properties, apartments, and home bookings. Have a glimpse!


VRBO is an acronym for Vacation Rentals by Owner. It is one of the best alternatives to Airbnb available on the web. VRBO is a leading property rental website that renders rentals in several countries around the world. This website offers more than 2 million properties in a huge range of varieties all over the world. It gives an assurance to all the users so that you can book with confidence without the fear of losing money.

Best sites like airbnb - vrbo

HomeAway owns website that offers its services for more than 190 countries globally. It has been carrying out its operations since 1996. On this website, you can find a plenty of listings such as apartments, full-size vacation homes and more. VRBO is a perfect choice for those who are seeking to get a rental property quite accessible to your children, pets, and even your grandchildren.

2. Wimdu

If you are looking forward to the best rental places in Europe and surrounding cities then, Wimdu is a perfect choice. This website provides more than 3 lakh rental properties to all the people in and across 100 countries all over the world. It means you can have numerous choices from which you can pick the best one. The users can also check the reviews on Wimdu properties from other users on this website.

Wimdu - sites like airbnb

We can find a wonderful selection of decently-priced properties, apartments and more. You can easily find a room in an Amsterdam apartment to a full-house gateway in Croatia. If you are planning a trip to Europe then, consider to check out Wimdu from our list of AirBnB alternatives. Most of the properties listed on this website are verified and even photographed by Wimdu employees. There is a feasibility of acquiring insurance towards any sort of property damage.

3. HomeAway

HomeAway initially focuses on your safety and security. It gives an assurance regarding your stay in the selected rental apartment through HomeAway. It serves the people across more than 190 countries all over the world. You can increase the bookings at HomeAway with utmost confidence and guarantee given by HomeAway.

Book a rental property with HomeAway

As mentioned already, HomeAway is the parent firm to VRBO. You may find some sort of overlap in the listings on both the websites. HomeAway provides numerous inventory on their books, specifically smaller apartments. If you are on a trip all alone or as a couple then, you can get numerous options on HomeAway website.

If you just stick to Airbnb then, you would definitely miss the great deals and properties offered by HomeAway. We have a couple of models for the property owners on HomeAway. One is an annual subscription i.e., you no need to pay the booking fee. The other model is a free option wherein you need to pay for every booking.


Tripping is another best site like Airbnb that collects all the available deals and prices from the prevalent vacation firms. It shows the listings of all the available properties all over the globe in one place. It gathers the properties from different websites. This site lets the users find the affordable price via filtering option. Tripping offers great discounts to all the trustworthy users. There are more than 200 countries in which you can get website services. website - book a holiday home

The home rental available in Hawaii is available for an affordable pricing of just $108 per night. This website allows the users to explore the listings on various travel booking websites simultaneously. In addition to this, the users can compare the prices for the rental listings posted on different websites at a time. There are exclusive discounts that the users can avail through There is only one limitation on this website i.e., you don’t get assistance or customer services to the people.

5. FlipKey

TripAdvisor owns FlipKey which is quite similar to Airbnb website. One can find numerous guest reviews regarding the properties on FlipKey website. The users can get amazing experience as it delivers the best payment protection through this portal. This website may not show the shared rooms to the users. However, you can make use of different filters to locate the best property for kids, adults and more.

Flipkey tripadvisor - airbnb alternatives

FlipKey provides daily deals with fresh booking offers to its customers. The users can acquire access to highly sophisticated and typical travel review system across the globe. As we all know, TripAdvisor is a travel giant and moreover Flipkey’s parent company. It provides more than 3 lakh rental property listings across 190 countries worldwide. There is no feasibility to book any listing right from the website. The users need to send an email or make a call to the property owner.

6. is the perfect alternative to Airbnb website that provides excellent deals to all the people across the world. The best place that we have ever seen is the list of hotels on website. This website also helps people to book apartments and homes right from this site. You can easily make an apartment booking with much ease. Whenever we travel to someplace, it’s totally our choice to book hotels in our desired locations. apartments - sites like airbnb

This site has an impressive user interface so that everyone can navigate through it with much ease. It helps people book an apartment or house at an affordable price range. The property owners can even make their listing for free on However, there is a specific fee applied for each booking. The owners can sign up into this website using a link as an owner.

7. Homestay

Homestay delivers a fantastic hosted experience to all the folks. It means that you can stay in the host home with an affordable price range. The people can get amazing local experience as if you are living in your home. This website helps people locate the best home in different locations all over the world. One can use Homestay in different locations across the globe such as Paris, London, Savannah and more.

Homestay - best airbnb alternative

If cost is your concern then, Homestay is the best choice. You may not find private houses or apartments on this website. Instead, your stay might render an excellent hosted experience. Homestay gives you homes at reasonable prices. There are some downsides on this site. Despite having numerous properties across 150 countries, you may not have choices like Airbnb website. Some of the best Homestay services include breakfast.

8. Vacatia

If you are planning to book a resort in North America then, Vacatia is the best choice. This website operates with North American resorts that provide you excellent deals. As a rare feature for property rentals, Vacatia offers pay-over-time options to its users. This website solely emphasizes a tiny geographical location. This eventually delivers a better customer service and you don’t need to confront legal confusion.

Vacatia Rent a resort residence

Vacatia was originally started in the year 2013 in San Francisco. website is a newly started vacation property rental scene. This website allows the users to explore the resort units for the rental purpose all over the Caribbean and North America. One can view the information on different things to check and check the destination.

The users can check the facilities and prices of different rental properties through the compare resorts option. Once you have selected the resort, you can book your unit within a less time. There is no need to contact the owner of the resort. Instead, Vacatia is there for you to complete the whole procedure of booking a resort with much ease.

9. OneFineStay

OneFineStay is another website which is quite similar to AirBnB website. The homes are owned by the people and don’t deliver hosted experience to the customers. The users can get luxurious stuff through the bookings made on OneFineStay website. Unlike the aforementioned sites like Airbnb, OneFineStay offers properties at expensive prices. At a time, this website provides properties only in 5 countries.

OneFineStay - sites like airbnb

It includes New York, Rome, Paris, London, and Los Angeles. If you don’t care about the budget and luxury is your first concern then, OneFineStay is the perfect website. This site provides only complete and exclusive spaces. This website lets the customers apply for a list of their apartment on it with much ease.

10. Innclusive

Innclusive website was started in 2016 with an intention to evade racism that people experienced on Airbnb. It is a peer-to-peer rental platform with an exceptional aim. Their aim is to build a place where one can travel with utmost respect, love, and dignity irrespective of sexual discrimination, gender identity, race, and others.

Innclusive - sites like airbnb

This website has been designed and developed in order to become a direct rival to Airbnb. To eradicate discrimination, Innclusive offers several services to its customers. As this is a new website, you may not find several listings as the leading sites.

The Bottom Line

Here ends the list of the best sites like Airbnb for your amazing trip experience. After looking at all these sites, we consider as the best Airbnb alternative. It’s because it offers numerous properties so that one can select any of them from the list. Hope this collection of the best Airbnb like sites has helped you in booking a resort, home or apartment for the rental purpose during your vacation with much ease.

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