Shazam for PC, Windows 8/10, MAC Download Online

There are cases when people happen to listen to some song but fail to find out the actual song. We are sure that most of the people might have faced this situation in their life. People will think as ‘What song is this?’ If you are unable to discover it then, you will simply leave thinking about the song. From now on, you don’t have to face such situations. There are some amazing apps that let the users identify the songs based on the lyrics or the actors who acted in that particular film.Shazam for PC Windows Download Online

Among the innumerable music finding apps available on the web, Shazam has gained immense popularity among the people. This allows the users to recognize the name of the song with much ease. Shazam helps the users in the best way to discovering the complete lyrics of a song just by using a small phrase In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide about Shazam for PC. Have a glance! Also Read: Pokesnipper APK Download

Shazam for Windows PC Online

Shazam is one of the most popular song identifier apps available on the web for all the users. This app allows the users to search any song using the lyrics. In such a case, you can simply download Shazam app on your smartphone. In just a few moments, you can recognize the song using Shazam app. This app is compatible with different platforms like MAC, Windows Phone, Windows PC, iOS, Android, and a lot more.

Shazam for Windows PC Online Download

People who are immensely interested towards the music finds the Shazam app beneficial to them. Using this app, one could name any song within no time. The users can download Shazam app absolutely for free of cost without having to spend a single penny. There is an official web-based version of Shazam app for all the PC users. You can find the artists on this website and choose your desired song.

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Download Shazam for PC
App for PC Important Details
App Name Shazam
Version 11.4.3
Size of the File 106 MB
App Developers Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Category Music
Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Updated 17th November 2017

Features of Shazam for PC

Shazam is an excellent application designed and developed for all the music lovers. It offers a plenty of beneficial features to all the aficionados of music.

1. Discover the Music

  • Using the Shazam app, the users can easily identify their favorite music with a single tap.
  • The users can easily discover the latest musical bits from the recommended tracks.
  • There is a possibility of purchasing the Shazamed songs from the Google Play Music using a single click.
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2. Add Songs to Playlists

  • Using the Shazam application, one can easily check the preview of their songs.
  • You can even add your desired songs to the Spotify Playlists.

3. Follow Popular Artists

  • There are most popular pop-singers and artists like Demi Lovato, Kendrick Lamar, Adele and much more.
  • All the aforementioned artists make use of the Shazam app so as to discover the new music.
  • The users of this app have the possibility of following the artists and share the delight of discovery.

4. Easy Access to Music

  • The users of Shazam app can sing their favorite songs along with the music lyrics.
  • Apart from the songs, the users can easily watch their preferred videos without any hassle.

5. Shazam Offline

  • Another excellent feature of Shazam application is the ability to use Shazam offline.
  • Even without having an internet connection, the users can use Shazam in offline mode.
  • It is pretty much easy to identify the music without connecting to the internet.

6. Connect and Share

  • The Shazam App lets the users keep a track on the Shazam activities of their friends through connecting it to their Facebook account.
  • If you are quite interested in knowing what your loving artists are Shazaming, you can simply follow them.
  • The Shazam app provides a facility for sharing your discoveries across various social media platforms.
    Some of the social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

7. Visual Recognition

  • All the features which we have mentioned before are on one track and the new visual recognition feature is an exceptional one on Shazam.
  • Using the camera icon, you can easily capture the Shazam books, posters, magazines and a lot more.
  • All you need to have is a Shazam camera logo so that you can use Shazam visual recognition feature anytime, anywhere.
  • This feature works perfectly as a QR code reader.
  • Using the Shazam app on your Android Smartwatch, you can view the artist as well as the song simultaneously.

8. Shazam Sync

  • To synchronize all the Shazams across different devices, you need to simply log into the account of Shazam.
 System Requirements to Download Shazam for PC

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 OS
  • 2 to 4 GB RAM
  • Disk Storage space – Minimum 5GB
  • Advanced Graphics Card with compatible drivers

Shazam – Compatible Devices

Check the list of devices and platforms that are compatible with Shazam app:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • BlackBerry OS
  • Windows OS
  • Apple Watch
  • MAC OS
  • Android Wear

How to Download Shazam for PC using Bluestacks?

Download Shazam for PC using Bluestacks

  • By following the simple on-screen instructions, you can finish the downloading process of Bluestacks.

Install Bluestacks on Windows PC for Shazam App Download

  • Install Bluestacks on Windows PC or Laptop and launch it.

Shazam for PC from Play Store

  • Once you open the Android Emulator, you can find the home screen of the software with a search field.
  • Type the app name as Shazam in the search field and hit the search button.

Download Shazam for Windows PC

  • From the search results, tap the relevant Shazam App download link.
  • Click on the link and begin the downloading process of Shazam on Windows PC.

Install Shazam App on Windows PC using Bluestacks

  • Finish the installation of Shazam on your Windows device by following the on-screen steps.

Stream your favorite videos using Shazam App

  • Launch the Shazam App and start streaming your desired videos, TV shows and a lot more either online or offline.

How Shazam App Works?

  • Shazam makes use of a microphone of a mobile device or PC so as to accumulate the audio for playing it.
  • It has the ability to discover a match, transfers the data like the title of the song, artist and the album to the Shazam user.

How Shazam App Works on Windows PC

  • In some cases, Shazam integrates the links to popular services like Spotify, YouTube, Groove Music, iTunes, etc.
  • Based on the audio fingerprint and spectrogram, Shazam gains the ability to identify the song.
  • It saves a massive number of audio fingerprints in its database and plays it whenever requested by the user.

Best Shazam Alternatives for Windows 

Despite the Shazam app has gained the attention of the users, there are some drawbacks to it. Some people often look for the alternative apps similar to the Shazam app for their Windows platform. In order to help our readers, we have provided a list of the best alternative apps to Shazam here.

1. MusiXmatchMusixmatch - Shazam Alternatives

It is the best alternative to Shazam. On this app, you can find an exclusive search field that comprises of a massive database of about 8 million lyrics. You can find the songs in a total of 28 different languages. This app has the ability to scan all the songs from your music library on your device and provides lyrics for all the music tracks. This app was originally launched in the year 2010.

2. SoundHoundSoundHound - shazam alternatives

SoundHound is another best music app to listen to music offline without the need internet. It is the best alternative to Shazam for your Windows device. This app allows the users to upload their desired tracks on this app with much ease. You can also share your desired music albums with the social media. In order to make use of this app, you need to sign up and follow some of the popular artists on this app.

3. TunaticShazam Alternatives - Tunatic

Tunatic is another great alternative to Shazam app which is regarded as a free music identification app. Using this app, the users can easily analyze a song via recording it through a microphone. Otherwise, the users can simply play it via a sound card. Once this app finds a match to your music then, it shows the title of that particular song alongside the lyricist and other details of the song. Through Tunalyzer feature, the users can upload the songs.

Shazam for Windows – FAQs

Some of the people who are planning to use Shazam on their devices have doubts regarding this app. Some of the frequently asked questions about Shazam have been listed below:

1. Which Platforms are Compatible with Shazam?

The Shazam app is compatible with various platforms available on the web. Some of the platforms include Android, iOS and Windows platform. You can find the official Shazam app on the respective app stores of different platforms.

2. What’s wrong with Shazam for Windows?

The Shazam app for Windows platform has been discontinued. From the year 2017, the company has terminated its support for Windows devices. You might no longer view the Shazam app on the Microsoft’s Windows App store for download purpose.

3. Is there any update on Shazam for Windows recently?

As of now, we haven’t received any kind of latest updates about the compatibility of Shazam for Windows OS. The current Shazam for Windows PC which is available on the web is the last and final supported version.

4. Can I Use Shazam for Windows if downloaded it earlier?

Yes! The users who have downloaded the Shazam app on their Windows phone can continue using it. The Shazam app will operate precisely until it becomes completely incompatible with new version of Windows OS.

The Bottom Line

Shazam app has been designed with an intention to solve the issues faced by the people whilst identifying a song. With the exceptional features offered by Shazam app, the users of Shazam on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac platforms acquired the best audio experience.

We hope that you have got the complete information regarding Shazam App for Windows PC through this post. For more relevant apps and tutorials, bookmark our website Get notifications and latest updates about trending apps, and a lot more stuff.

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