10 Best Reverse Free Phone Number Lookup Services

As the technology has been developing at a rapid pace, most of the people are using smart handsets. The maximum number of people out there use the smartphones in order to acquire the best services. Previously, there is no much advancement in the technology. Currently, there are millions of people accessing a plethora of services through their gadgets.

One of the greatest things that we witness post the technological development is the ability to track the people who have called from unknown numbers. Most of the people have confronted this difficulty when some strangers have called your phone. It’s pretty frustrating for the users if they call your continuously to your mobile number. In such a case, it could be arduous to identify the person who has been calling you often as it is just an unknown number.

In order to help the users, there are some of the best reverse phone number lookup services available on the web. By using this service, you can easily find out the name of the person who is calling from an unknown number. Apart from the name, you will also get the details of that person like their location and more. There are plenty of such services available on the internet but not all of them provide the accurate outcomes. Check out the list here!

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

Free phone number reverse look up service

A reverse phone number lookup service is a candid platform that presents the details of different phone numbers. It assists in finding out an unknown mobile phone number. Instead of exploring the web to identify the details of an unknown number, you can simply use this reverse phone number lookup service that renders precise information instantly.

The similar details that you traced out in a few seconds could be arduous to hunt over the search engine platforms. That’s the reason, most of the people utilize this reverse phone lookup service to acquire exact details about an exotic number. With an intention to help the users, we have come up with a massive list of the best and topmost services that provides you precise details about a number.

Why need this Service?

When you receive a call from an unidentified number then, you will obviously have an intention to know the person that called your number. It is quite common that you try to find out the location of that person. Here are some of the reasons behind the actual purpose of this service to all the people.

  • You randomly notice a phone number in your old record and unable to identify the number who has been using it currently.
  • When you try to find out the location of the person and their address using the phone number.
  • If you find numerous unknown numbers on your call log and you are trying to identify the person from whom you received the calls.
  • When you visited a new location and you are trying to locate the address of your relatives.

These are some of the possible scenarios wherein you require the reverse phone number lookup service in your day to day life.

Top 10 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

We have listed out some of the best reverse phone number lookup services with a brief explanation of each service.

1. TruthFinder Phone Lookup

TruthFinder Phone Lookup is one of the best reverse phone lookup services that allows you to identify the person who had called you in a legitimate manner. It is one of the safest services offered to all the users.

  • Using this service, one can connect with their friends, family members, childhood friends and more.
  • You can even identify some of the unknown numbers in a quick manner through this service.
  • It is more dissimilar to the common search engine platforms like Google, Firefox or Bing.
  • The TruthFinder service makes use of some powerful web search algorithms in order to track the details of the person through the social media.
  • You can even find the photos, videos, and other media related stuff present on different websites.
  • Know the carrier name, different location coordinates and the demographic data from this service.
2. WhitePages

WhitePages is another best service that helps the users to find out the details of some unidentified number. It is an absolutely free service present on the internet. This service is also available for the users in the form of an app. Originally, Alex Algard had designed and developed this service in the year 1997 with an intention to aid people to find out the precise details.

  • On this service, you can find a huge database of registered numbers alongside their addresses and identities.
  • More than 200 million adult listings from the USA are present on this service.
  • WhitePages works as the best reverse lookup service and the reverse address lookup service.
  • You can even search for any person through their name.
  • All you need to do is to simply visit this website, enter the number and hit the search button.
  • The ultimate result will display on the screen.
3. Intelius Background Report

Intelius is one of the popular companies that provides the best phone search and lookup services to all the people across various states. It uses a search algorithm from a different phone and people directories in order to track the phone numbers.

  • If you are suspicious of some person i.e., your friends, colleagues or other people then, this service could become much beneficial.
  • All you need to do is to enter some crucial details on this website. Enter the first name, last name and present address of the person.
  • Just navigate through the Intelius background reviews before getting confirmation about the person.
  • This service or the algorithm will start exploring the entire web as well as the directories to find out the registered records with that phone number.
4. Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup is another best service that helps people in identifying unknown numbers instantly. It’s an online web service that can assist the users in finding out the person who actually tried to contact you people.

  • This phone lookup service provides numerous services to the users in tracing out the person that called your number.
  • When trying to find the telephone number details then, Reverse Phone Lookup is a perfect service.
  •  Once you have found the exact match then, you can easily check out the complete name of the owner.
  • Along with the name, you will be able to acquire the registered number details, address of the person and the location on a map.
5. Instant Checkmate Background Check

Instant Checkmate Background Check comprises of more than 30 diversified data sources. This particular service has gained massive popularity among the users as a legit service online.

  • This service makes use of a simple search algorithm in order to locate the phone numbers.
  • It explores the public records using a background checking tool.
  • If you are suspicious of some person who had a criminal charge then, you can easily locate that person.
  • This service also lets you explore the criminal database and directories whether the number is present in that list or not.
  • It only requires basic details like the name and state of the person.
  • There are premium services available to all the users who are ready to pay for it.
6. Pipl.com

The functionality of Pipl.com is slightly different from the remaining services that we have mentioned before. Some of the popular reverse phone lookup services like white pages and yellow pages have their own directory with a huge list of registered numbers. On the other hand, the Pipl website makes use of the search engine outcomes in order track the details related to a specific number.

  • This service offers few options that must be filled by the users to track a person’s details.
  • Soon after landing on this website, you can find some fields.
  • Enter the name or email id or username or the phone number of the person.
  • In the next field, you can enter the location which is optional.
  • Hit the search button and it starts searching the records and the directories.
  • You can then get the search results displayed on the same page.

7. Intelius People Search Report

In case, you are trying to know the details of a person with a mere information then, you can use the Intelius People Search Report website. There is a possibility of searching for a person from the public records through this service.

  • This website displays the search results from the massive database.
  • It delivers a detailed report of the people for whom you have been exploring the web,
  • The user interface of this website is pretty simple and user-friendly.
  • The users can easily lessen the result via filters such as their location.

8. TrueCaller

Truecaller is another best and well-known reverse phone lookup service available on the web. This service is available as an app and serves the people as the best online service. It is absolutely free to access the website that can be used with much ease.

  • The users need to sign in using their Google account or other accounts to find the details of a phone number.
  • Truecaller is compatible with various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and more.
  • More than billions of phone numbers are present as an immense collection on this website.

9. Phone Registry

Phone Registry is another popular service that lets you track the phone number and name of the person with a naive registration procedure. You can find endless results for a phone number on this service. The data showed on this are gathered from millions of telephone records.

  • It collects a huge database of the information after carrying out bounteous investigations and searches.
  • This service is only available for the people residing in the US.
  • There is a possibility of taking a print out of the report regarding the search results of a phone number.
  • This service provides a couple of options to the users to know in-depth information about a number for a specific amount.
  • The users can access this service without any limit for about 5 days.

10. eVerify Phone Lookup

eVerify Phone Lookup is the best service that renders precise results regarding the phone number. The accuracy rate of this service is about 98 percent. Most of the private investigators make use of this service in order to deal some of the challenging cases. All along the year, one can get endless services by searching for the details about a person’s number.

  • Once you search for a phone number then, it provides some details like their name, address and location almost accurately.
  • Any type of number can be searched such as unlisted, toll-free, residential, business and more.
  • If in case the results that it has provided are not precise then it gives an assurance that it will refund the complete amount you spent on it.

Wrap Up

Here ends the list of the best services that help the users to identify the person through their phone number. The collection of the reverse phone number lookup services listed out here are the best services that can deliver accurate details to the users.

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