How to Use MapQuest for Driving Directions

Are you confused with the routes to your destination? You don’t have to worry anymore. As we have a handy app over the internet namely MapQuest, one could easily get from one place to another place without any hurdles. MapQuest is the perfect navigation app for those who are looking forward to getting directions to their destination.

MapQuest - Driving Directions Google

A route map or a route guide is quite essential for every individual who hasn’t become familiar with a city or the district. We are surely passed with those days where we started asking the nearby people for the directions to reach our destination. We are currently living in a highly advanced technological era wherein everything can be done through the high-speed internet.

What are you waiting for? Just scroll down through this post to learn more about getting directions to different places using MapQuest. Here is everything you need to know about MapQuest and a step by step guide to get driving direction through this app. Have a look!

MapQuest – Get Accurate Driving Directions Google

MapQuest is a free online web mapping service designed and launched by Verizon. In the United States, MapQuest has managed to hold the second position in gaining the highest share of the online mapping market. We already have numerous online mapping services on the web. Google Maps is one of the most popular and leading web mapping services in the world designed and launched by Google. MapQuest is compatible with different platforms such as Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

MapQuest Driving Directions - Route Planner

MapQuest is next to the Google Maps service that aids the people in finding their driving directions accurately. This service gives you detailed driving directions to your destination from the starting point. You can find the directions to your friend’s residence and take a print out of the map. Since the initiation of this service, MapQuest has turned out to be the most beneficial app with a huge number of features. The users can easily take a print out of the driving directions and carry it along on their journey.

There are numerous options such as beneficial maps, filters and more. The filters on MapQuest helps the users to get the information for the buses, cars, and walkers. These filters on MapQuest can be used for traffic, accidents, hotels, parks and a lot more. You can watch the map with directions like the bare bones. Otherwise, you can also view the map so that all the things nearby are visible. This eventually makes you understand the surroundings near to that location.

MapQuest Street View Features

How to use mapquest driving directions

One can easily travel wherever they want using the MapQuest navigation app. Whether you use it via voice navigation for driving directions or walking, MapQuest helps you with a plethora of tools. Here are some of the best features offered by MapQuest for all the users:

  • This service renders the details of streets to certain extent alongside the driving directions for different countries.
  • Before heading to get driving directions, the users can check whether their country is available or not. One can check it from the drop-down menu on the home page of MapQuest.
  • MapQuest is available as a free mobile app on Android as well as iOS platforms.
  • Some of the best features include voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic, POI search and more.
  • MapQuest also provides a mobile-friendly website to all the users.
  • Another best feature is it provides the satellite imagery with latest updates along with the live vector maps.
  • One can save their residence, workplace and frequently used locations addresses so as to get those directions instantly.
  • There is a possibility to share ETA and locations with both their friends and family members.

How Does MapQuest Work?

One can easily access the MapQuest as an app from their mobile device or directly use it from the official website. The users can search places through the category or address from the MapQuest search page. Some of the categories include hotels, airports, grocery, gas stations, restaurants and more.

One can create a new account on MapQuest or sign up by entering crucial details. Some of them include first name, last name, email address, date of birth and gender. If you want to find any of the locations using MapQuest, just enter the address, business or any public landmark for both the starting point and the destination location. Pick the option to add some stopping points in between.

Some of the advanced filters on MapQuest include route optimization for the shortest distance in a less span of time. With the available filters, one can optimize their route so that they could evade the highways, borders, seasonal roads, ferries, and tolls.

MapQuest Root Planner

The popular digital mapping service offers an excellent MapQuest Route Planner service to all the users. Using this feature, one can easily create a route of about 26 stops and optimize for the shortest distance or shortest time. This particular feature is quite impressive and beneficial for small-scale businesses in different industries. Some of them include home maintenance, delivery and shipping, real estate, healthcare, supply or parts, sales and Government-related industries.

MapQuest route planner - get shortest distance in less time

The users can get maps and drive directions to different locations across the world using MapQuest Route Planner. One of the beneficial features on MapQuest is Airport Maps. It assists the users to plan their driving to and from the airport by monitoring the local traffic conditions and check the directions twice. On MapQuest, one can find a complete list of the well-known and widely popular destinations state-wise along with the comprehensive maps and local attractions.

Pros of MapQuest

There are amazing benefits or advantages of using MapQuest mapping service. Some of them have been listed below:

  • It is free to use service on Android and iOS platforms.
  • One can easily take a look at the view and alter the view on this app.
  • There are numerous amazing filters that help you in finding the directions precisely.

Cons of MapQuest

Just like the advantages, there are some limitations on MapQuest as well. Check it here.

  • Not every direction is as simple to navigate.
  • There is no exclusive save option so that you can save your favorite addresses.
  • It could take much time to find your location.
The Bottom Line

If you are exploring hard to find the driving directions, a world map in a detailed way then, just go with MapQuest. It’s a perfect pick for those who are willing to go on a trip in this hot summer. Get easy directions and routes to your destination across the country using MapQuest Route Planner and other features. Share your experiences after using MapQuest and the best services it delivered to make your journey smoother and enjoyable.

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