How to Transfer Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data to Airtel

These days, every individual is relying on the internet for carrying out their day to day activities. Without the internet, it has become hard to lead the life in the current modern era. We have two modes of using the internet i.e., mobile data and Wi-Fi internet connectivity. We can use unlimited internet services through the Wi-Fi connection.How to Share Transfer Airtel Mobile Data

On the other hand, the users need to use the mobile data carefully as there is a limitation for the usage. With the entry of Jio call and internet services into the market, people have enhanced the internet usage. With an intention to surpass the Jio offers and exclusive services, Airtel has started offering unlimited internet packs to the customers.

There are numerous apps that consume massive data like Spotify, YouTube and more. It is not possible for the people to spend the unlimited data pack such as 1GB per day completely. Airtel has introduced a feasibility of sharing data to their friends and family members. In this post, we have provided a detailed guide on how to share Airtel data.

How to Share/Transfer Internet Data from Airtel?

One can share their 2G or 3G or 4G internet data to others without any difficulty. On a monthly basis, the Airtel users can share their data with about 4 members. To other Airtel mobile number, you can easily share the internet data balance from your Airtel number.

The users can share the internet data benefits to others in three different ways. You can share the airtel data using the MyAirtel app. The remaining ways to transfer or share the internet data from Airtel to Airtel include SMS and via online. Here, you can learn the step-wise procedure to share Airtel data using three different methods.

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Method 1: Share Airtel Data via SMS

One of the best ways to share the Airtel data to another Airtel number is through an SMS. Just by sending an SMS to the customer care of Airtel, you will be able to share your mobile data. Follow the detailed steps provided below:

  • On your Airtel mobile number, you need to type an SMS as ‘SHARE’.
  • Type that message and send it to 121.
  • The customer care executive will send a message to the same mobile number.
  • The message reads ‘Welcome to MyAirtel Family. Now Share your 3G internet pack up to 4 members.’
  • In order to add a member to share airtel data, send the SMS as ‘ADD <space><10-digit mobile number> to 121.
  • You will receive another message from the customer care.
  • Just Press ‘1’ for confirmation of airtel data sharing.
  • That’s it! You have successfully finished the airtel data sharing to another airtel number.
  • From now, you can share your 3G or 4G airtel data balance with the number you have added via SMS.

Method 2: Share Airtel Mobile Data via Online

Here is an alternate method for sharing the data from your Airtel number to others through the online portal.

Share Airtel 3G 4G Mobile data via Online Family Share

  • Enter your valid Airtel mobile number in the respective field. Hit the GO button.
  • You will receive a one-time password to the mobile number you have submitted on the Airtel official website.
  • Enter the OTP on the specific portal number and hit the submit button.

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Share Airtel data using OTP

  • You can then add the mobile numbers with whom you wish to share your 3G/4G airtel internet data.
  • There is a possibility of adding up to 4 members in your circle.

Add members to share airtel data online

  • After successfully adding the mobile numbers, you’re good to go.
  • You can then start sharing your airtel mobile data with the numbers you’ve added before.

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Method 3: Share/Transfer Mobile Data using My Airtel App

Check out this simple method to share or transfer your mobile data through the My Airtel app.

  • First of all, download My Airtel app on your mobile phone.
  • You need to create a new account by signing up.
  • Finish the sign-up process by providing valid credentials and verify OTP via your Airtel phone number.
  • After that, open the My Airtel app from your mobile device.
  • Navigate to the Family Share option available on the left-side menu bar.
  • You can then add family members to your plan. Through an SMS, you need to verify the family member’s numbers with whom you are sharing the data.
  • You need to read all the terms and conditions displayed on the screen.
  • Then, send a message ‘Share to 121.

Share Airtel Data using My Airtel App

  • You will receive a message with full of instructions.
  • By following the instructions, you can either add a member or delete a member from sharing your airtel 3G/4G data.

How to Transfer 10MB Airtel Data?

Follow the simple steps provided below to transfer 10 MB of airtel data to other numbers.

  • Initially, you must know the USSD code for 10MB data transfer.
  • The USSD code is *141*172*11. Type the code following the beneficiary airtel mobile number.
  • For instance: *141*172*11*9537447589#
  • You can then hit the call button on your phone.
  • By following the on-screen instructions, you can finish transferring 10MB mobile data.

Transfer 25MB Airtel Data

  • The same procedure applies for transferring 25MB of data to another Airtel number.
  • The only thing that changes is the USSD code.
  • Transfer 25MB USSD Code is *141*172*9
  • For example: *141*172*9*9986745264#

Transfer 60MB Airtel 3G/4G Mobile Data

  • Transfer 60MB USSD Code is *141*712*4*
  • For example: *141*712*4*9574221156#


  • There is a possibility of sharing the airtel mobile data only with prepaid customers.
  • You will be charged for transferring mobile data to another airtel number.
  • One can share only 1 transaction per day.
Final Words

These are the three different ways that help the Airtel users to share 3G/4G internet mobile data. Share your mobile data with your friends and family members and enjoy using the mobile data. Hope this detailed guide to sharing mobile data with others has helped you in the best way for all the Airtel customers. If you still have doubts and queries on this topic, just drop them in the below comments section. We try to resolve the queries as soon as possible.

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