How To Get 100% Free & Working Virtual Credit Card

Do you have a Credit Card? If so, you might be aware of a VCC. It is an acronym for Virtual Credit Card. If you have a primary credit card then, one can easily get issued an add-on Virtual Credit Card. What’s the use of a VCC? In fact, the virtual credit card allows the users to carry out the transactions online through a credit limit of their preference.

VCC is a prepaid credit card that can be sometimes called as a debit card as the users may not acquire the facilities like a credit card. One can use these virtual cards for a beneficial purpose specifically for utilizing online. Despite the card details are negotiated, the malicious hacker may not use the information as there are preset daily usage limits.

Here is everything you need to know about Virtual Credit Card. This post explains you the complete guide to a Virtual Credit Card, benefits and a lot more. The users can even take a look at the in-depth guide on how to get 100 percent free and working VCC. Have a look!

How to Get 100% Free & Working Virtual Credit Card?

Follow the simple steps provided below that enables the users to acquire absolutely free and working virtual credit card online:

  • First of all, navigate to your Android Play Store or Apple’s iTunes app store.
  • You need to install TextMeUp and Revolut apps from the respective stores.
  • After installing the apps, you need to open the TextMeUp app and sign up using your details.
  • You need to select a phone number from your location.

Get free and working vcc

  • Now, open the Revolut app from your device and type the number that you have received from TextMeUp.
  • A confirmation message appears on your device within few seconds.
  • You need to sign up using a fake name and address of the location.
  • Navigate to My Card and you will then receive your VCC.

Virtual Credit Card Free

  • Go to your profile and change your phone number.
  • As an optional field, you can either send a verification document in order to get the document verified.

Later, you can start using the services offered by the Virtual Credit Card. The user needs to have a registered account so that they could easily access the service just by providing some details.

Generate Free Virtual Credit Card using Pocket App

Follow the below steps to generate a virtual credit card from the Pocket App for free for carrying out online transactions:

  • First of all, download and install the Pocket app from the Google Play Store app store.
  • You need to Sign up or log in to your account from this app to get a credit card online.
  • Get the phone number verification process for this app.
  • After finishing the verification process, you will be navigated to the home screen of the app.
  • You can find the VCC information that you have created online.
  • The details on the VCC will be similar to your credit card that includes Virtual Credit Card number, CVV number, Expiry date, etc.

Virtual Credit Card account details

  • The users need not have to pay a single penny for generating a virtual credit card.
  • If you are thinking to use this card on different sites then, you need to add some funds to this card.
Trick to Get More Virtual Credit Card Benefits

You might have understood the procedure to get a free and working VCC after reading the above methods. Now, if you want to get more benefits through the VCC then, there is a simple trick. Follow the steps below:

  • All you need to do is to clear the data of Pockets App.
  • You can then register with another account.
  • This is the simple way to get more virtual credit cards online.
  • With the aid of this guide, one will be able to acquire credit cards using different virtual accounts.

Create Virtual Credit Card using Freecharge

Freecharge is one of the best e-commerce websites that helps the users to recharge and make payments online. It has started offering the virtual credit card services to its users across India. One can easily use the credit card offered by Freecharge on different websites. One can easily create a free virtual credit card from Freecharge without any issues. In this post, we have given the easy steps using which the users can create VCC from Freecharge. Check it out!

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Freecharge from your device.
  • Sign up or Login to your Freecharge account.
  • Activate your VCC from Freecharge. In order to do so, you need to tap this link.
  • Enter a 4-digit M-PIN in the respective field and hit the save option.

create virtual credit card using Freecharge

  • You can then access the Freecharge Virtual Credit Card Page and enter the 4-digit MPIN.
  • Immediately, you will get your credit card that displays the expiry date and CVV code.
Generate Virtual Credit Card from Oxigen Wallet
  • Download and install Oxigen Wallet from your Android device.
  • You can get it directly from your Google Play Store.

generate virtual credit card using oxigen

  • Sign up or log into your account by entering some login details.
  • You can then view the Virtual credit card for making various virtual card payments online.
Final Words

This is all you need to know about Virtual Credit Card for online payments. Hope this guide has helped you in accessing your VCC for free without any single penny. For more queries and doubts, drop them in the comments section. We send the retort as soon as possible.

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