GrowBox APK Download for Showbox Latest Version

Nowadays, technology has made everything possible for the people to have fun with the incredible number of applications on Android devices. GrowBox app is one of the best apps for users available on their device. The user is able to watch their favorite videos whenever they like on their TV.Download GrowBox APK for Android

GrowBox app is user flexible application developed for the Android platform, The user can get it officially in the app store. But yet, if you want you can get it the GrowBox apk file on your Android device easily. So, if you are eager to download the Apk file for GrowBox, then the user has to fallow download process below with simple steps. Check it out!

GrowBox APK 

GrowBox is similar to that of Showbox whereas the user can experience a much better way of watching videos, movies, and popular TV shows. It is certainly an amazing application which has almost a similar features of Showbox additionally added some other interesting features that which amaze you.

The difference between GrowBox and Showbox is the Chromecast. Earlier, the users could enjoy watching movies and TV shows in smaller screen on their devices whereas GrowBox allows the users to enjoy watching on a bigger TV screen.

Features of GrowBox APK
  • GrowBox allows the users to stream Showbox to Chromecast where the user has the advantage of watching any content on the bigger screen.
  • The app comes with a good user interface that makes it easy to access and watch favorite shows without any complications.
  • This app in all is all an overall solution to people who face problems while streaming any videos.
  • GrowBox is a very useful application and will give you a better experience of watching any videos if you are using Chromecast.
  • The users can share your videos, photos, movies from your Android phone to Smart TV.
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GrowBox App APK Download for Android – Complete Guide

The user has to download and install GrowBox APK file for Android device with much ease. The official version isn’t available in Google Play Store. Just follow the instructions below and get started.

1. Uninstall MX Player

  • Firstly, before you start to download GrowBox Apk on your Android, you must make sure whether MX Player is installed on your device or not.
  • Because GrowBox app fails to work successfully with the MX player app installed on your Android device.

Uninstall MX Player for Growbox

  • If you have MX player installed then you need to uninstall the MX Player of your device in case it is already installed.

Uninstall MX Player for GrowBox

  • To do so, you need to go to your device settings >> select apps >> select MX Player.
  • Click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall the app.

2. Download GrowBox APK

  • Once you are done all the settings, you can start downloading the PK file for GrowBox from the link to download the GrowBox APK directly here.

Install growbox apk on android

  • After the Apk file download is completed, you will be notified by your phone.

3. Install GrowBox on Android

  • Before installing the GrowBox app, you to need to change your phone security settings as GrowBox APK file is a third party installation application.

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4. Get App Permissions

  • All you have to do is simply go to your device settings.
  • Tap security >> under security you will get device administrations where the user has to enable “Unknown sources”.
  • You can easily install any unknown source apps or other software on your device.

5. Confirm GrowBox App Installation

  • Once you have acquired app permissions from your Android device, you can head over the installation process.
  • You get another message asking you ‘Do you want to install this application?’.

Confirm Growbox APK installation on Android

  • Just tap Install button and proceed with the on-screen steps.
  • You need to accept all the permissions that this app asks you to get installed on Android.

6. Access GrowBox from Android

  • The installation process could take some time based on the broadband connection speed.
  • After the completion of the installation process, you can head to the notifications shade.

GrowBox App installed

  • You can find the notification saying that the Growbox app installed.
  • Click to open the application.

Launch Videos from Showbox

  • From then, the users can start streaming their desired videos and other stuff for free through Showbox app.
AllCast Apk Download for Android

AllCast is a media exchange app that lets the users share videos, photos, music and other stuff from Android to the TV. Using the AllCast app, the users can easily share their desired videos, photos and movies to the big screen without any hassle.

AllCast APK Download for Android

After finishing the installation of GrowBox app, download the fundamental app that is necessary to play the stuff like movies and videos. AllCast is the app which is required to cast videos on the big screen. Download and install AllCast app just like the GrowBox app. Using this app, you can share pictures, music, videos and a lot more from Android to the large screen.

How to Use GrowBox?

How to Cast Movies on Showbox App via GrowBox

Learn the simple procedure to cast your desired movies on Showbox app using GrowBox app.

Note: Ensure that you have installed AllCast or LocalCast app on your Android device to fruitfully cast different movies.

  • Firstly, finish the installation of Showbox app on Android device.
  • Open the Showbox app just by following the basic app setup steps.
  • Choose the movie or video that you wish watching on your Television.
  • You can choose the screen resolution for the video or the movie.

Select Resolution - Watch movies using GrowBox Apk

  • Hit the option that says ‘Watch Now’.
  • Navigate to Menu and go to Tools. Start streaming the video through GrowBox app.
  • Connect the device to which you are willing to watch the video or movie.
  • The movie or the video will begin casting on the large screen.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! This is the complete procedure to stream or cast movies on videos to Showbox using the GrowBox app. Hope this guide assists you in the best way to enjoy watching your favorite stuff with much ease.

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