Google Home Mini Features & Price in India [Review & Rating]

Google has finally rolled out the Google Home Mini at the Hardware Launch Event took place in San Francisco. At the prestigious event, Google has launched a slew of devices alongside the Google Home Mini. This is a tiny device which is the smaller version of Google Home smart speaker. These days, smart speakers have turned out to become the latest trend across the world.Google Home Mini Review - Price in India

Earlier, we have witnessed the launch of HomePod from Apple and Amazon Echo and now Google Home Mini. As of now, the Google Home Mini is not yet available in the Indian market. Amazon Echo segment has recently launched into the market and is available in the stores across India. Is Google Home Mini a worthy product?

There are numerous doubts for the people regarding the Google Home Mini. Does this device work in India. To find it out, you must surely check out the complete review of Google Home Mini in this post. The readers who are eagerly waiting to purchase this product can find the price of Google Home Mini in India. Have a glance!

Google Home Mini Review – Best Buy Product

Google has launched the latest version of Google Home Mini into the market. As per the announcement, the cost of Google Home Mini is $49. Despite the concept of using Google Home Mini is not innovative, the device has grabbed the complete attention of the buyers. There are several features available on Google Home Mini. If you are extremely desperate to know the actual performance of Google Home Mini then, just scroll down through this post. 

What Can I do with Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini is a smaller version of the speaker that lets the users speak voice commands so as to interact with various services via the Google personal assistant. There are a couple of microphones within the device that renders the ability to catch up the voices within a room. The Google Home Mini does numerous activities for the people like a game show host, work planner, housewife, meteorologist and a lot more. 

Google Home Mini Review

If you are tired of your heavy work and reached home, you can speak to the Google Home Mini to play some soothing music. In a few seconds, you can relax well through the tranquil music played from your device. This is just a single instance that we have included to explain you about the functioning of Google Home Mini. There are much more surprises with Google Home Mini.


Undeniably, the Google Home Mini device appears truly cool and this device will definitely surpass the smaller speakers like Amazon Echo Dot on the design front. This compact device is smaller in size and smooth that renders a homely feel. The Google Home Mini is available in three color variations such as Coral, Chalk, and Charcoal. The circular shape of this smaller speaker will definitely win the hearts of the buyers.  

Performance & Usability

Google Home Mini operates perfectly to accomplish various tasks in your day to day life. Some of the activities that people can do using Google Home Mini include the following:

  • Play Music
  • Set up Alarms
  • Check your appointments on Calendar
  • Keep updated with the weather forecast
  • Play Games

All these activities can be set by the Google Home Mini in a matter of few seconds. Google Home Mini helps people in setting their mood by playing a precise genre of song. The users can find out the showtimes of a movie by speaking to the Google Home Mini. One of the excellent things about Google Home Mini is that the users need not have to interact with the screen. The usage of Google Home Mini makes the users feel as if they are speaking to some other person rather than a machine.

Google Home Mini – Compatible Smart Home Products

You have understood the working procedure of Google Home Mini until now. Now it’s time to know the devices and products that are compatible with the Google Home Mini. Here’s a detailed list of best smart home products that can be connected to Google Home Mini with great ease. Take a quick glance!

Control smart products with Voice via Google Home Mini

1. Connected Thermostat

If you already have a connected thermostat of some leading brand then, just connect it with your Google Home Mini. The most lavish thing in this world is turning the heat up sans getting out of your bed. However, there might be a lot more things better than that. We are damn sure that this is a striking feature on Google Home Mini that lets you control the temperature totally through your voice. Thank us later! Just do it, guys!

2. Sprinklers

Another best product that can be connected to Google Home Mini is connected sprinklers. If you have a great lawn that requires water then, connect your sprinkler with this amazing product. The connected sprinkler system works perfectly with your phone as well as the Google Assistant. One of the simplest things that can be done with your voice is to use Sprinkler connected with the Google Mini. You can control the sprinkler completely with your voice.

3. Connected Lights

Another great product that is compatible with Google Home Mini is the connected lights. Just tie them up with Google Home Mini and make your home even smarter. All you need to do is to attach the bulbs, allocate them to different rooms and simply control them solely with your voice. 

Google Home Mini – Areas to be Improved

As there are advantages for the people using Google Home Mini, eventually there are few drawbacks on this device. Check out some of the areas that must get enhancements and corrections from Google developers:

  • A poor Internal speaker which is not appreciable for playing music.
  • There is no 3.5mm headphone jack on Google Home Mini.
  • Making voice calls through Google Home Mini sounds distorted to the other person.

What’s the Price of Google Home Mini in India?

As of now, there is no word about the launch of Google Home Mini in India. However, there are some speculations that Google might launch this smaller device into the market soon at an affordable price range. As per the announcements during the launch of Google Home Mini, the price of this device is $49 [approximately Rs.3500]. At this point of price, Google Home Mini is not an expensive device that is value for money.

Final Verdict

Google Home Mini is the best entry point into the real of smart speakers. In terms of look and design, Google Home Mini is worthy to purchase. In the perception of Google Home Mini’s affordable price and pretty decent features, one can give it a try post its entry into the Indian shores. Despite being a solid accessory, it can’t be an outstanding accomplishment in your smart home.

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