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We have abundant photo editing apps available on the web specifically for the Android platform users. Face Changer is the best application that lets the users add funny effects to their pictures. Using this photo editing tool, one can turn their normal photos into funny edits and share them with their best pals. Face Changer App for Android Download

You can replace the parts of your face with the funny parts available on Face Changer app. It lets you change your eyes, nose, bald etc., and replace them with funny parts. The Face Changer app will definitely bring turn your world in a thrilling and humorous manner.

Are you seeking to download Face Changer for Android? We are here to assist you in the best way so that you can install the latest version of this photo editing tool for free on Android device. Check some of the exciting features offered by Face Changer app for all Android users.


Download Face Changer for Android

Android App Vital Details
App Name Face Changer
Version v6.3
Last Updated 21st December 2017
Developers Scoompa
Category Photography
Size of the File 28.27 MB
Operating System Android
Supported Versions Android 4.0.3 and higher versions
Price Free

Face Changer Features

Face Changer is an excellent application designed and developed by the developers at Scoompa. Using the Face Changer tool, one can edit their pictures into a funny photo. The users can do a lot using the features available on Face Changer photo editing tool.

  • Edit any of your preferred picture from your device’s memory or from the internet in a few moments.
  • This app allows the users to apply a wide range of effects on some other person’s portrait.
  • Some of the changes that can be made using Face Changer include turning their face into an alien.
  • The popular faces available on Face Changer include an alien, Frankenstein, a monkey, squirrel and a lot more.
  • There is a possibility of making adjustments to the photo like changing the intensity to each and every effect.
  • This app allows the users to enter text snippets and add a variety of stickers to the photos.

Add funny effects to pictures with Face Changer App

  • Some other additional elements available on Face Changer include sunglasses, mustaches, wigs, beards and much more.

Add Sunglasses to photos with Face Changer APK

  • The users can even rotate, resize, move and do various alterations to the things added to the picture.
  • Ability to add text and draw something on the top of your photo.

Add Text in Pictures - Face Changer

  • You can even share these edited photographs with your friends across various social media channels.

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Latest Enhancements to Face Changer

On a frequent basis, the developers at Scoompa will bring improvements to the Face Changer application. In the recent times, Face Changer has got numerous enhancements and additional features. These features allow the users to increase their witty nature whilst changing the faces of the people. Some of the new improvements given to Face Changer include the following:

  • Latest user interface
  • The new functionality added to this app is the ability to edit the pictures quickly
  • You can save and share the edited photos on your mobile device.
  • Update the changes done to a photo in an efficient and faster way.

How to Download Face Changer App for Android?

Face Changer is an official application that we can find on the Google Play Store app store. The developers at Scoompa have developed this photo editing tool and made it available on the app store. The interested users of Android can directly download it from there. If you are not completely aware of the process, just follow the below steps:

  • Initially, go to the official Google Play Store app store.
  • You will find the search field at the top of this web page.
  • Within the search bar, you need to type Face Changer and hit the search button.
  • In a few moments, you can find copious results appearing on the screen.
  • Hit the initial Face Changer App link and redirect to the next web page.

Download Face Changer App on Play Store

  • On that page, you can find the ‘Install’ button appears just below the Face Changer app.
  • Click on that button and head through the installation process.
  • For confirmation, it asks whether you are willing to install this app on your device or not.
  • Just continue the installation of Face Changer on your Android device.
  • In a few moments, Face Changer successfully installed notification displays on the screen.
  • Launch Face Changer on Android and run the application.

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How to Replace Faces in Videos with Face Changer?

If you are seeking to alter the face of some person in a video then, it is quite simple with Face Changer for Android. In this article, the readers can understand the process to replace faces in videos with a great ease. Just read out the simple tutorial about Face Changer APK for Android device.

1. Import Videos

  • First of all, you need to tap ‘Import’ button from your PC or device.
  • Just drag and drop the required clips into the first window.
  • As this app is compatible with all kinds of video formats, you can easily finish importing the video files.
  • You can then drop them on the video timeline.

2. Apply New Face

  • In order to replace the face in a video, you need to highlight that particular video clip.
  • Just right click on the clip and choose ‘Power Tool’ option.

Import Videos to PC

  • From the pop-up window, you need to hit ‘Face Off’ >> tick the checkbox that reads ‘Apply jump cut at Beats to the clip’.
  • Apart from this, there are numerous funny marks present on this app.
  • Pick anyone based on your requirement and the required face will apply to the picture in that video.

3. Play the Video

  • You can then play the video after replacing the face with some funny face.
  • Stay attentive when the video is playing and you can notice the replaced faces.

Apply Face Off using Power Tool on Face Changer

  • In an automatic manner, this app has the ability to track the motion and befits the face in the video with an exact match.

4. Save Video

  • Lastly, you can save that particular video with replaced faces.
  • Tap the button that says ‘Create’ that eventually exports the video with newly altered faces.

Replace Faces and Save Videos using Face Changer APK

  • There are several formats present in the Format tab. It includes MPEG, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV and more.

Final Words

From then, you can start editing your desired photo from the storage on your device and add funny effects to it. Enhance your humor by sharing those edited funny pictures with your friends and family members across popular social platforms. This application contains ads and it will pop-up in the middle of your photo editing. The users of Android will definitely enjoy using this application. Visit our website apkwire.com and get the latest news about Android apps, downloads, and more.

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