Google Chrome Portable 62.0.3202.62 Free Download

Most of the students and employees at the schools and workplaces have confronted issues whilst trying to access Google Chrome browser. Even if you try to install the Google Chrome browser on the system, it doesn’t let you do so. It is quite natural that the administrative department will block you from installing such programs. Google Chrome Portable Download for Windows PC

In such a case, you will definitely encounter a big problem. Have you ever heard of Chrome Portable? Chrome Portable is a portable application that lets you run it from the removable device like a USB stick. You need not have to install Chrome Portable exclusively on your device. Instead, you can use Chrome as a portable or a standalone application.

As there is no installation process, you just need to know the setup process. Learn how to run Chrome Portable app on your device using the USB stick or some other external storage drive. Here is the simple process to use Chrome Portable on your device to access the Google Chrome browser with much ease.

What is Chrome Portable?

Chrome Portable is an excellent web browser app that enables the users to access the internet right from the USB cable. Every now and then, Google releases the stable version of Chrome Portable with latest improvements and bug fixes. Chrome Portable browser has a minimal design with high-end technology that lets you access the web faster and easier.

The users can continue their browsing on Chrome using the latest themes, apps, extensions and more. Using the bookmarks and start pages, you can directly access your preferred web pages. After setting up Chrome, all the required customizations will stay in sync with different devices.

Notable Features of Chrome Portable

Here are some of the significant features of Google Chrome Portable app for your Windows device:

1. Fast Web Browser

  • Using the Chrome Portable app, you can easily access the web browser for free at a rapid speed.
  • You can use a single browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

2. Excellent Browsing Experience

  • With Chrome Portable, you can gain amazing browsing experience.
  • You can search and move right from the same search field.

Chrome Portable - Access Chrome Faster

  • From the search result, you can get the one for which you have been exploring the web.
  • You can even find the recently searched stuff and the websites that you have visited recently through the Chrome browser.
  • Within no time, you can get the search result.

3. Less Manual Work

  • You need not have to fed up with filling plenty of forms with similar information on a frequent basis.

Chrome Portable - Auto-fill settings

  • There is an exclusive Autofill option available on Chrome Portable that lets you fill the forms with just a single click.
  • This will eventually evade the work of typing each and every detail in the form.

4. Smarter Web Experience

  • Whenever you browse via Chrome, you can get the best out of it.
  • It provides you appropriate and relevant data and suggestions to the people through various Google Products.
  • Some of them include Voice Search and Google Now.

5. Auto-Sync

  • Chrome Portable shows the open tabs, recent searches and bookmarks from your PC to your smartphone or tablet with much ease.
  • This will render you great web experience on the different device.
  • All you need to do is to simply sign in on your remaining devices so as to begin syncing.

Download Chrome Portable 32 Bit

Download Chrome Portable 64 Bit

How to Run Google Chrome Portable using USB Drive?

Google Chrome Portable app can be accessed directly from the USB stick on your device. The current latest version of Chrome portable is 63.0.3239.132. This app is compatible with Windows and multilingual. The size of this downloadable file is 150MB. By using the direct links provided below, the users can easily download and run Chrome Portable app on their Windows device through USB stick. Follow the simple guidelines provided here to download and run Chrome Portable on your Windows PC.

  • First of all, hit the download button provided in this post based on your processor.
  • Once you tap the link, the Chrome Portable app will begin the downloading process.
  • After finishing the downloading process, you need to launch and run the application that you have downloaded earlier.
  • Choose your preferred language. Hit the Next button.

Run Chrome Portable using USB Stick

  • Accept all the terms and conditions and select the location on the device you wish installing Chrome Portable.
  • Pick the USB device and hit the OK button.
  • The installation of Chrome portable will begin and finishes within few minutes.
  • Tap Finish button. That’s it! This is the simple process to run Chrome Portable on your Windows PC using the USB stick.
  • You can move anywhere in the world and access the Chrome browser with Chrome Portable app via the USB drive.

The Chrome Portable functions similar to the regular Chrome browser on your desktop. The only difference is that you are running the Chrome Portable from the USB instead of installing it on the device.

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