Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Android 2018 to Install

A calendar is the most common thing that we use in our houses specifically in every room. Before the era of smartphones and advanced technology, people carried a pocket calendar in their pockets to easily know the date and its significance. With the advancement in the technology, we are now carrying smartphones that have a bunch of beneficial features to all the folks.

Calendars, these days are truly handy in the form of apps on Android devices. Apart from Android, Calendar apps are also available for different platforms like Windows, iOS and more. The calendar apps work as the real-time trackers for the people who are planning their schedule in time. By looking at the calendar, some of the people head to their work or organize their chores and even occasions.

It may not be possible for the people to look at the calendar whenever they need. In such a case, the calendar apps come into the picture. To help such folks, we have rounded up a list of the best calendar apps for Android. One can free download these apps and install them on their Android phone or tablet. Check out the best collection of Calendar apps listed below.

Best Calendar Apps for Android List

Top 10 best calendar apps for android

For every Android device, there comes a default calendar application. However, it’s not the one for which you have been looking to organize your duties. In such a consequence, trying the alternative apps is a perfect decision. The Google Play Store is a vast haven wherein we can find abundant calendar apps for Android 2018. Check out the list compiled in this post.

1. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is one of the most popular and widely used calendar apps on Android. It has a traditional appearance like a physical calendar. On this calendar app, you can view the event options for daily, weekly and monthly. It is even possible to set the dates by tasks and agenda. It is a great event planner application that offers a user-friendly interface.

Business Calendar 2 best apps for Android

There is an inbuilt task organizer that syncs the Google tasks. Using your voice, you can fastly add different events and tasks. In addition, there is a calendar widget compatibility that is transparent and renders a cool look to your home screen. This app is available in a couple of variants such as a free and paid versions. One of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t display any kind of advertisements.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a de facto application for all the calendars. We can find this app on different devices. Different calendar apps come integrated directly with this app which is a basic app in terms of the features. There are not much customization elements and themes. On most of the Android devices, Google Calendar comes pre-installed as a stock calendar.

Google Calendar - Best calendar apps

It lets the sync option for events and schedules through your Google account. Google Calendar is a free app that has the ability to sync with other calendar apps. All the events and schedules that you have set on this calendar will be color-coded. So, this helps the users to identify each event with much ease.

3. SolCalendar

SolCalendar for Android

SolCalendar is another best calendar application for Android. It is quite a popular app specifically impressive with its design. It has become a great life management tool for the users. Some of the best features present on this app include weather reports, Google Maps compatibility and also integrates Google Tasks. There is an exclusive sync option with different calendars.

4. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook - best calendar apps

It is an excellent calendar application designed specifically for email integration. It’s not just a calendar app but also blends with your emails, calendar and more all at one place. Microsoft Outlook integrates the Sunrise Calendar. All the events and notifications can be given to numerous icons present in the sunrise app.

5. best calendar app for android is another best all-in-one calendar app for Android device. One can organize all their events and schedules using application. It comes integrated with an impressive user interface to make a to-do-list, calendar, notes and reminders. Originally, the users need to sign up through an email, Facebook or Google. The users can view their tasks, reminders in a day, week and month.

6. aCalendar

aCalendar - best calendar apps for Android

aCalendar is another best application that offers various customization features. It has a traditional calendar view with this application. Some of the best features offered include event reminder, calendar viewing and more. The organizer comes with color-coding for all the events. It has a clean user interface and is simple to use. It is a free application that as advertisements. Apart from the free version, there is a premium upgraded version of this app. It is available as an in-app purchase and offers extra features like public holidays, ad-removal and more.

7. Today Calendar

Best Calendar apps for Android - today calendar

Today Calendar has a beautiful user interface for your Android smartphone. It offers a material design that delivers vibrant and bold colors. This app has a simple navigation system with less number of options. It is an absolutely free application that can be downloaded right from your Google Play Store.

8. DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar is one of the popular calendar apps for Android devices. This app provides a clean design with multiple agenda views. One can make their schedules with much ease. This app offers 7 different calendar view types, 9 types of themes, 6 different widgets and more.

DigiCal Calendar App for Android

In this app, you can sync automatically with Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange. DigiCal Calendar comprises of tons of add-ons like TV schedules, sports calendar and more. There is an integrated weather forecast, location search and time zone. As it is a free application, it comprises of ads and in-app purchases.

9. Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar App for Android

If you are bored up with a constant requirement for flipping in between the views on calendar apps then, Touch Calendar will assist you, folks. This app gives a complete calendar view and provides numerous options to zoom, tap and scroll down through the app with much ease. This app syncs with the Google Calendar and provides various options to integrate. Touch Calendar application can be used with your finger gestures.

10. Calengoo

Calengoo app for android

It is another best calendar application for Android. It is a robust application that renders a friendly integration feature. One can find a sync option that lets you synchronize with the stock calendar on Android. There are copious customizable options available on this app. There is a feasibility to change the event colors based on their choice. It is easy to configure various modes of viewing. This app also provides weather forecast alongside the recurring events. Just by dragging and dropping, you can alter the events and schedules.

Final Words

Here ends the list of the best Calendar apps for Android. Hope this compilation of the calendar apps have given you the best list to organize all your events, schedules and more. For more queries, drop them in the comments section below.

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