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Buddybuild is defined as a system that links and automates the build, deployment and arranging the necessary feedback for various mobile applications. It is technically described as the best platform for gaining a persistent amalgamation, distribution and gathering the feedback from the users particularly for the mobile app developing teams.Buddybuild Download

Most of the developers often lookout for the easiest ways that turns the procedure of app development pretty simple and fast. Despite having some services like TestFlight and Fastlane for automation, Buddybuild has it’s significance in the market.

Few areas are present wherein enhancement is required in the services like TestFlight and Fabric. In order to help the developers figure out the need for Buddybuild, we have given a complete epitome with the Buddybuild service. To give an in-depth explanation about Buddybuild, we have come up with this post today.

What is Buddybuild?

Buddybuild is an excellent mobile-oriented solution for the developers that help them build the best apps. It is an end-to-end system that derives a simple workflow of building, deploying, gathering the feedback and finally iterating it. If you are a tester or beta user, you can make use of the Buddybuild. It eases the work of downloading and installing the latest builds much simpler and faster than ever. Also Read: Droid4X Download for PC

Buddybuild alternatives for Android iOS

Earlier, people have confronted much difficulty in the procedure of creating builds, taking them to the users and waiting for their feedback. This whole process seems truly complicated for the developers or testers. If you are a developer of the iOS apps then, you don’t actually need to handle the new devices. The newly built testers and their devices will be tested automatically using the Buddybuild.

Feature List for BuddyBuild

Here is a list of the best features offered by Buddybuild to all the developers or testers.

1. Smooth Setup

  • The developers could gain a frictionless setup process specifically for the mobile teams on Buddybuild.

2. Effortless Deployment

  • After the completion of the building process, the developers can carry out an effortless deployment.
  • The delivery process is truly continuous and flexible sans any kind of difficulty.

3. Integrated Services

  • The mobile CI or CD solution provides a built-in compatibility for the tools that your team utilizes.
  • It unites with the Apple Developer portal and the Google Play developer.
  • The integration is for uploading the builds on an automatic basis.
  • It eventually synchronizes the profiles and operates App store readiness tests and more.

4. Customizable Workflow

  • The developers can expand the Buddybuild so as to befit the requirements of the app development team.

5. Test with Confidence

  • Once you fruitfully finish the development of quality apps on the iOS platform, you can get great confidence.

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6. User Insight

  • From the users, you can get high quality and actionable feedback bug reports.

Other Best Features

  • The Buddybuild service provides automatic builds.
  • As part of the builds, the tests will operate.
  • It is compatible with an extensive range of source control systems and other supported repositories.
  • The Buddybuild is compatible with various applications on Android and iOS platforms.
  • It helps the developers to know the crash reporting of the apps if any.
  • The beta distribution of the app comprises of analytics. It renders the ability to the testers to submit the screenshots of the app problems.

How to Download & Install Buddybuild?

Using the Buddybuild, it has become quite simple to download and install the latest builds as a tester or beta user. The developers will distribute the beta builds of their app among the users. Later, the users can download and install the builds and test the apps. Here is the detailed procedure on how to download and install the builds on your iOS device using the Buddybuild service. Check it out!

  • At first, the app developers will send the build to a huge number of users.
  • The developers of different apps send an email comprising of the build to the users.
  • They will give their precious feedback to the developers regarding the bug reports.

Check Mail for Builds from Developers

  • Once you receive the email, you need to open it and tap the Install button.
  • The build will be downloaded on your device.

Download Builds using Buddybuild

  • Just wait for a moment until you have finished the downloading process.
  • After downloading the APK of the build, install the build just by tapping on the notifications bar.
  • Search for the downloaded APK from the ‘Downloads’ folder.

Install Beta App Build using Buddybuild

  • At the time of installing the app, the users will get a pop-up message as installation blocked.
  • In order to evade it, you need to get app permissions from your device.
  • For that, you need to go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Hit the OK button on the prompt message.
  • You have successfully downloaded and installed build on your device through Buddybuild.
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What’s Good about Buddybuild?
  • Buddybuild offers an impressive and simple to use user interface.
  • It offers a great documentation which is comprehensive and well-written.
  • There is a free tier available on Buddybuild.
  • It provides a tractable beta tester deployments with the best automation solutions.
Areas to be Improved
  • At the time of setting up the Buddybuild, it asks to provide access to the source code repositories. The Buddybuild needs full read and writes access to the repositories.
  • Buddybuild has not yet made a confirmation regarding the pricing plans of Buddybuild for testing the beta builds of apps.
  • The builds that are present on the Buddybuild are very sluggish.
Final Verdict

More than thousands of developers, teams and popular companies like Firefox, Meetup, and Slack are confident enough with their mobile app development workflow using Buddybuild. Buddybuild is a cool service until it solves the areas to be improved. If you are developing a complex application in your business then, Buddybuild is not recommendable. For more doubts and queries, just ask them through the comments section provided below. We send the reply through the comments tab as soon as possible. We value your ideas and thoughts so that you can share them with us in the feedback section.

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