Best Youtube Alternatives 2018 – Sites like Youtube to watch Videos

YouTube is a popular video-sharing and video streaming website that streams various kinds of videos of various genres. It is owned by Google and it allows the users to upload the videos, view and rate them, share, add to favorites, comment on videos, download videos in different qualities, report, like etc. The users can get to watch movies, TV shows, music videos, documentaries, educational videos, promotional videos, album videos, whatnot everything that is in video format.

Though many other video streaming sites popping up like Netflix and Hulu, no site managed to take the place of YouTube. On top of all the features it offers, it is a free service. Users can watch unlimited videos for free from anywhere with the help of net connectivity. Though it is super popular, the users may not be able to download the videos or other stuff directly from YouTube. Not only that, when to travel to other countries, you may not get access to YouTube.

It is because not all the countries in the map support YouTube streaming; only a few do. So, in such cases, we have to go with the best YouTube alternatives. Not just because of the incompetence of YouTube in letting the users download videos but also for other reasons, we can prefer other websites like YouTube. Check out the list of the best sites like YouTube without restrictions furnished below.

Why Use YouTube Substitute Website?

Most of them might have a doubt that why go for YouTube alternatives if it has world-wide prominence among the folks. In fact, YouTube is a perfect platform for those who are looking forward to watching HD movies, videos instead of downloading them. Even then, people find some limitations on YouTube that doesn’t let the users access it without any restrictions. Here are some of the reasons behind people looking for the YouTube alternative apps.

  • Suspends the users and their accounts for no reason.
  • Unable to download the media content from YouTube
  • The comments section of YouTube is offensive for some videos.
  • DMCA takedown system is disreputable.

Best Sites Like YouTube/ Alternatives without Censorship

Here is a great compilation of the best websites like YouTube for adults, kids and more. Take a quick glance at the sites like YouTube without any restrictions. Check it out!

1. Dailymotion

The immediate option that comes to the mind after YouTube is Dailymotion. It is one of the most popular video-sharing websites like YouTube. One can start watching their favorite content frequently on this website. Dailymotion is considered as the 2nd biggest video sharing website across the globe. This website was originally begun in the year 2005 by a France-based person.

Dailymotion youtube substitute

It appears quite identical to the YouTube site wherein the home page shows the latest trending videos, different genres, and a search field. By tapping any video, one can find a clean and impressive video player. Once you start using Dailymotion, you will become quite familiar with it and starts using it like YouTube. For the pro users, the HD quality uploads are constrained. The videos that are promoted will be displayed in the featured columns.


  • Compared to YouTube, the rules and regulations on Dailymotion are pretty limited.
  • People can upload the content based on their choice without any restrictions.
  • Pro quality videos at your hand.
  • Similar video categories that help the users to navigate through it easily.


  • HD quality videos can be accessed only by the pro users.
  • Video resolution limit ends at 1080 pixels.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is another best site like YouTube for all the video adorers. It is a classy video sharing website which was originally derived from the words ‘video’ and ‘me’ in the year 2004. Creative individuals and video creators have designed and launched Vimeo site to expose their innovative work to the world. The home page of this website is pretty appealing to the visitors.

Vimeo Youtube censorship

The users can find the channels and a variety of categories just by hovering over the ‘Explore’ option. On Vimeo, we find a huge number of videos like music, videos, classy short films and more. All those videos are quite interesting to watch on Vimeo. One of the best elements on Vimeo is the player that stream the videos in an exceptional manner.


  • It emphasizes more on the video that the user streams.
  • The good thing about this video streaming site is that the viewers can’t get distracted due to annoying advertisements in the background.
  • It’s the best platform for the unique content creators to exhibit their work to others.
  • The home page of Vimeo is quite appealing for the users.
  • Stream high definition picture quality videos.


  • There is a limitation for uploading videos i.e., only 500 MB per week for each user.
  • Despite having an upgrade option, it only exceeds to about 5GB and asks for a monthly fee.

3. Metacafe

MetaCafe was originally rolled out in the year 2003 by two entrepreneurs from Israeli. As of now, this website is based in San Francisco and managed to grab the attention of the people. After the popular YouTube and Dailymotion websites, Metacafe has acquired massive popularity. It is a well-structured platform for streaming original short-form videos. There is a 90-second limit on its videos and set as the best substitute for YouTube video streaming site.

Metacafe youtube alternative

The home page of MetaCafe website is dominated by a huge banner advertisement. Apart from that, the users can find separate drop-down menus for games, movies, music and more. The user has the ability to choose their desired channel from the drop-down list. Just like YouTube, the users may not be able to stop watching videos one-by-one due to its amazing interface. All the videos on Vimeo are quite interesting and are linked to one another.


  • Perfect platform for the community-specific content
  • No garbage stuff will be uploaded to Metacafe.


  • The limitation of 90-second videos is pretty less for the viewers.
  • Deficient viewership compared to YouTube.

4. Vevo

If you are a music adorer then, you must definitely check out the Vevo website. It’s the best YouTube alternative that delivers absolutely high-speed video streaming content. One can find a gigantic collection of music videos on Vevo website.

Vevo best youtube alternative

If you are looking forward to the best music streaming site then, Vevo is the perfect pick. Vevo turns out to become a major healthcare center as we believe that music heals the pain in an individual. When you feel low, just head to this website and listen to your favorite music.


  • Best place for those who are seeking to get unlimited music videos.
  • Assures streaming high-definition content.
  • Easy to use user interface.


  • Unable to upload your own music videos
  • Limited content-type that you upload to this website.

5. Twitch

At first, Twitch commenced as a concept and later it has turned out to become the best streaming website for viewers and other content uploaders. The major concept of this website is that it allows the users to watch gaming videos and more. Twitch has become the ideal video streaming website for those who are looking for the best live broadcasting videos. When compared to the YouTube platform, the popularity of Twitch is a bit low. If you are a great lover of gaming videos then, Twitch is a perfect pick.

Twitch youtube alternative


  • It is an impressive website that finds adorable for the gamers and content uploaders.
  • Best website for watching live gaming related videos.
  • One can find a huge game-based content on Twitch.


  • There is no possibility to rewind the videos on Twitch site.
  • When compared to the remaining website, the content streamed on this site is pretty sluggish.

6. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is the best site that offers immense stuff for entertaining the users in different forms. By providing a huge collection of GIFs, memes, images and more, 9Gag TV helps the folks. One can find a plenty of videos on this website.

9gag tv youtube substitute


  • 9Gag TV is a perfect website that provides unlimited entertainment.


  • NSFW videos are the section of the content.
  • By engaging different entertainment videos, the users might kill hours of valuable time.

7. Veoh

Veoh has been designed and launched by a developer from San Diego in the year 2006. Since the evolution of this website on the internet, it has witnessed a lot of change. As of now, it is a subsidiary of Qlipso. The content present on this website is blended with a collection of music, movies, user-generated stuff and more. The user finds that the homepage of Veoh is purely simple and easy to use.

Veoh- youtube alternatives

From the thumbnail, the users can easily find some selected videos. Otherwise, it could be arduous for the users to understand where to start exploring the videos. Despite having the sections like channels and movies, you will finally get clips of the films instead of the full-length episodes of television series.


  • The clean user interface offered by Veoh is one of the major attractions to the users.
  • One can easily engage with their pals and communicate with them via forums and groups.
  • The users can share the videos with others and upload lengthy videos with much ease.


  • The search feature is not user-friendly.

8. Blip

Blip is another best site that works like YouTube video streaming website. This site was launched during the time when YouTube was rolled out into the market. Blip was launched in 2005 from the New York City. This website is perfect and beneficial for the producers who develop original web series. On the home page of Blip, one can find the latest episodes of different web series that has gained immense popularity.

Blip YouTube substitute

Once you click on the first episode of some web series, you will definitely get hooked up with the entire series. Similar to the Vimeo website, Blip allows the videos to operate alongside the player that dims the lights automatically. Different shows on this site will be handled by the category i.e., it’s quite simple to locate the original programming.

9. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is another best site like YouTube video streaming site. This is a section of Wayback Machine and is a huge storage for massive content. The content uploaders and viewers to this website are pretty much less compared to the remaining video streaming sites. If you are looking forward to watching an extensive range of TV series, movies, documentaries and more then, head to the Internet Archive website.

Internet archive video streaming site


  • Massive library of videos that range from documentaries to the Television series, movies, and a lot more content.
  • Ability to upload their own content for free.


  • The users may not find massive content at this website compared to other sites.

10. Flickr

Flickr allows the users to upload massive content in the form of videos and more. Despite present in a constrained amount, Flickr has pretty much buzz among the people. It lets the users make a free account and is limited to upload videos to this site. There is a limitation of uploading only 90-second videos to the site.

Flickr - youtube alternative


  • Easy to use interface.
  • The naive users feel much comforted whilst accessing the videos from this website.
  • Hassle-free uploading of videos


  • The limit for uploading videos is restricted to 90 seconds.
  • 2 videos with a time limit of 90 seconds can be uploaded.
The Bottom Line

Here ends the huge collection of the best alternative sites to YouTube video streaming platform. We presume that most of the people might not be aware of all the sites available on the web. To be precise, none of the websites mentioned in the list can replace the popularity and brand-mark of YouTube that it has acquired for all these years. In terms of the quantity and quality, YouTube is the leading website across the globe.

However, these are just for those who are quite particular in finding the YouTube substitutes. If you haven’t located an online video streaming site other than YouTube then, you are always welcome to test the given list of sites. Hope this guide has given you detailed information about the best sites like youtube without restrictions. Just share your ideas and thoughts with us through the comments section below.

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