Best & Free iTunes Alternatives for IPod, MAC & Windows

Apple, the giant software firm has launched bounteous software programs, apps and more for assisting its users. Among numerous packages, iTunes is one of the worthy products designed and developed for different platforms. iTunes is actually a media player which is compatible with macOS, Windows 7 and other higher versions of the operating system.

As iTunes comes as a default application for all the iOS users, it lets them transfer music to various iOS devices. Some of them include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows PC, Mac and more. iTunes is not just an application for transferring the music. One could easily add their favorite music to iPhone sans iTunes. If you are pretty jaded off using iTunes for a long time and looking for some other interesting app then, you are at the right place.

With other alternative apps similar to iTunes, one could be able to sync the music to their iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. To be precise, there is a huge collection of software programs that are user-friendly with iOS. It eventually lets the users download music for free and use the same on your iOS devices. In this post, we have come up with a great compilation of best iTunes Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Free iTunes Alternatives [IPOD, MAC]

best & free itunes alternatives

If you are looking forward to using the best media player like iTunes for different platforms then, you have landed at the right place. Most of the people prefer using iTunes for syncing their media content to their devices in a systematic manner.

As iTunes doesn’t support different platforms, there are numerous iTunes alternatives available on the web. The best thing about these alternatives is that the users can use them without paying a single penny. All these are available for the users absolutely for free of cost. Have a glimpse!

Best iTunes Alternatives for Mac, Windows & Linux

We have put a lot of effort into gathering a list of the best iTunes alternatives to sync music on different iOS devices. All the alternatives listed here are absolutely available for free of price. Take a look!

1. MusicBee

MusicBee is another great iTunes alternative which is compatible with different platforms. It is compatible with Windows that can be used to manipulate your music library with much ease. If you are seeking to replace your iTunes app then, MusicBee would be the best pick. It has an intuitive user interface that comes packed with abundant features.

MusicBee - iTunes alternatives

For instance, the built-in player available on MusicBee is compatible with and other web services. You can easily discover and create new playlists depending on your listening choices. On the whole, MusicBee is a wonderful iOS-friendly music manager that lets you sync the content from a PC to iOS device easily.


  • MusicBee offers a perpetual user interface to its users.
  • One can find numerous customizable options in it.
  • Ability to import the music library right from the iTunes.
  • It labels the tracks for simpler access.


  • Compatible only with Windows platform

2. Clementine

Clementine is another best alternative to iTunes for the music library. It is the best music manager that comes with utmost advanced tagging and compatibility with different mobile devices. This music player is compatible with different platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers various features to the users such as library management, tag editing, music playback, ripping and ease of copying the music to compatible devices.

Clementine itunes alternative

Using the Clementine music manager, one can do everything without any hassle. Clementine allows the users to listen to their desired music collection like the lyrics to the current song. With this music player, one can get the statistics regarding the total number of times specific tracks have been played by the people on the Using Clementine, you can tune into online radio stations, listen to the podcasts and even stream music from the cloud storage.


  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Ability to use Clementine on Mobile devices too
  • One can listen to radios, podcasts and more
  • Stream your desired music via the cloud storage


  • It has a boring design.
  • It would be easier for the user if the user interface enhances to a slight extent.
3. MediaMonkey Standard

MediaMonkey Standard is the best alternative to iTunes which can become a perfect tool to sync music to iOS devices. It is a great music manager available for free of cost. The users can easily handle massive digital content with the help of MediaMonkey. This software is supported by various iOS devices and different non-Apple products like MP3 players, PMPs and more.

iTunes alternatives for mac - MediaMonkey

The standard version of MediaMonkey can be used as a free version. It has numerous beneficial tools that aid you in managing the music library. With the help of this app, the users can tag the music files, burn discs and rip the music CDs. Apart from this, one could be able to convert the audio to different file formats.


  • Pretty much simple to clean out the duplicate files
  • Ability to sync with other devices including iPhone & iPad
  • Unlike other players, MediaMonkey offers a FLAC audio format.
  • Based on what you listen actually, the playlists will be arranged accordingly.


  • Supports only Windows platform
  • The premium version of this app provides additional features. This drives people to pay extra money for accessing the extra features.
4. PodTrans

PodTrans is another best alternative to iTunes that comes with a streamlined and minimalist approach to managing the music on Apple devices. It is one of the best replacement for iTunes in a peculiar manner. However, it may not completely duplicate the iTunes player. It tries to maintain a conservative approach with a sleek user interface. One could be able to copy the music between their PC and iPhone or iPod with much ease.

PodTrans free version iTunes alternative

This music player is compatible with both the Mac and PC. The major functionality of PodTrans is to make your day-to-day music management pretty fast and simple. One could even upgrade the PodTrans to the PodTrans Pro version by spending some amount on it. If you are just trying to have some basic music player then, PodTrans free version will be the best pick.


  • It offers a simple design that helps the naive users to operate it well.
  • Renders a basic and stable music management.


  • Compatible with only Mac and PC
  • Only the premium paid version of PodTrans offers a flexibility to sync the files.

5. WonderShare TunesGo

WonderShare TunesGo is another perfect alternative to iTunes that enables the users to manage and even share the music. The users will be able to handle the music stuff and discover it with much ease. Using this app, one can easily transfer music from PC to various iOS devices to sync the music. For syncing the music, the users need to use the import option from this app.

Wondershare TunesGo - itunes alternative

One of the amazing features of this app is the 2-way synchronization i.e., from PC to iOS devices. It converts the music files into different file formats that are compatible with your iOS device. The main limitation of this app is that it is not available for free of cost. In order to enjoy unlimited content, the users need to make payment.


  • The free version of WonderShare Tunes Go is the best music player.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS devices.
  • Ability to sync music library with an Android device.


  • Only the paid version provides access to a plethora of features.
  • An expensive player compared to other music players.
  • Restricted modifications to the smart playlists.
  • Doesn’t support import feature of various playlist formats.
6. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is another powerful music player and lets the users manage their playlists. It is the most customizable and compelling music player. If you are looking forward to a basic functionality offering tool then, Foobar2000 is the perfect pick. One can easily extend their music library with the help of foobar2000 with the support for CD ripping. It supports a large number of playback formats.

Foobar2000 - best itunes alternative

Another version of Foobar is compatible with the desktop software. At first, you might find it confusing but once you get using it often then, the actual fun will begin. It comes in support with an extensive range of audio formats and plugins. We advise you not to be pretty scared when you launch this app for the first time on your device.


  • Numerous customizable shortcut options
  • Compatible with multiple audio format options


  • The users might confuse with higher customization levels.

7. Amarok

With Amarok app, one can easily rediscover the music. Amarok is a media player that supports multiple platforms. Some of the compatible platforms include Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Unix operating system. Amarok is one of the best alternatives to iTunes that helps you sync music to your iOS devices. Once can sync the existing music library to their Apple iOS device with this app.

Amarok - itunes alternative

It even allows the users to discover the new music through the integrated web services. Some of the services that can be accessed with this app include Jamendo, Magnatune, and more. One can access the aforementioned services through the great interface of Amarok. Some other popular integrated web services such as OPML Podcast Directory and Libravox will make Amarok a powerful software tool.


  • Wikipedia search is available on Amarok
  • One can configure it with much ease.


  • Doesn’t offer a friendly user interface
  • Play and Pause buttons are very sluggish
8. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is another great alternative to iTunes. This app helps the users to handle the music-related content on iPhone and other iOS devices. It allows the users to drag and drop the music and other videos from your computer to your iOS device. It has an impressive user interface and direct options that lets you access the music on your device.

CopyTrans Manager - itunes alternative for mac

There is an integrated music player on this app. It allows the users to play the music right from the device via the PC. This app is solely responsible for handling the music and other multimedia content on your iOS device. In order to handle this app, the users can drag and drop the selected music from the Windows PC to the CopyTrans Manager track listing.

9. WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans is another iTunes alternative that delivers a wonderful performance to all the users. If your PC is operating with a low-end hardware then, iTunes might weaken its performance. In such a case, MediaTrans helps the users to maintain the performance of the device.

WinX Media Trans - iTunes alternatives

There is a possibility of transferring your pictures, videos, and other music-related stuff from your iPhone to Windows device. There are a ringtone maker and video converter features pre-loaded to this music player.


  • Ability to sync music and other files sans a pre-installed iTunes app.
  • Easy to access the user interface
  • An integrated video converter and ringtone maker
  • Offers the best performance even on the devices running low-end hardware.


  • Compatible only with Windows platform

10. SynciOS

SynciOS is another best music manager that enables the users to handle synced content for your iOS device. One can find every feature that could help you with music management. The users can transfer any of the media content like music, files, videos, and pictures with much ease. One can sync tons of items like ringtones, music, videos, photos, books, wallpapers and more. The free version of this app itself offers a plethora of benefits to the users.

SynciOS - itunes alternative for mac, windows


  • The media transfer carries out in two ways
  • There is a possibility to backup the content.
  • Ability to sync anything like music, videos, books and more.
  • No premium version for SynciOS


  • Compatible with Windows platform
Wrap Up

Here ends the list of the best iTunes alternatives for your iOS devices. Using these software programs, one could easily handle the music, videos and other content with much ease. These iTunes alternatives enable the users to transfer music from Windows PC to other iOS devices. Hope this list of the best and free iTunes alternatives for Mac, Windows, and Linux has helped you find the perfect one for your PC.

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