20 Best GBA Games of All Time Latest 2018

If you are a 1990s kid then, you will be aware of GBA Games and it’s a craze among the folks. Since the beginning of the 21st century, GBA Games have begun its rage among the people. Video games have gained an utmost reputation with the evolution of Game Boy Advance a.k.a GBA. Nintendo, the developers of a wide range of video gaming consoles have launched GBA into the market.

If you want to jump back into your childhood days, you can experience playing the Game Boy Advance games once again. People who had a great adoration towards the GBA games might be securing it since their school days. Even if you don’t find it useful for playing your favorite games, you can try using Android or iOS emulator on your PC. If you are interested in playing GBA games via an emulator then, tons of games are waiting for your gameplay.

Nintendo has a slew of wonderful games in its collection. However, you can even play some nostalgic games that take back you to the older times. You don’t have to explore the web for a different genre of GBA games of all the time. For that reason, we furnish you a list of the most popular and best GBA Games in a variety of genres. You can either use your GBA handheld [if it is in a working condition] or download the best emulator on your PC. Just scroll down to take a quick glance at the list of best GBA games.

Best GBA Games You Never Played

Nintendo has originally stopped the Game Boy Advance games more than 7 years from now. Soon after the end of GBA games, the era of Xbox, PS and Windows PC has emerged for easing the players to play different genres of games. However, none of them had actually rendered the wonderful GBA gaming console experience.

There is no other device that could bring back or replace the GBA adorers. There is a chance of playing the GBA games even now with the help of the best emulators. In the year 2017, Nintendo has launched numerous GBA game ROMs. We can even witness the old and latest GBA games that we have lost them several years back.

With an intention to fulfill the urge of game players towards playing the best GBA games, we have come up with this post. One can find their best ever played GBA game and start playing it from their working GBA console or download the best GBA emulator on your PC. Get back your gaming experience with GBA games and regain your memorable recollections.

Best GBA RPGs [Role-Playing Games]/ROMs

RPGs are nothing but role-playing games. Among the most popular GBA Games, the games that fall under the category of RPG games are immensely prevalent all over the globe. In this post, we have come up with a list of the best GBA RPGs that have gained utmost popularity among the game lovers. Check it out!

1. Pokemon Emerald

Have you ever played Pokemon Go or some other Pokemon related games? If you have played any of the Pokemon Go games then, you must definitely take a look at Pokemon Emerald. Among the innumerable Pokemon Go games, this is the best games developed for the GBA.

Best GBA Games Pokemon

This game blends the appealing elements of Ruby and Sapphire into a game. We bet that you will definitely get addicted to it once you start playing this game. You can find innumerable Pokemon that needs to be caught. The post-game missions within this game drive it towards the victory path.

2. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is another best GBA games that fall under the genre of the role-playing games. By initiating this game as a farmer, you will surely experience it as the most adorable game. The game concept is quite simple and interesting. You are a farmer who must supervise the harvesting crops, raising animals like owning a poultry, livestock and more.

best gba rpgs - Harvest Moon

The game player has a potential of developing a kinship with the remaining characters within the game. The players have abundant chances to make money through this wonderful game. The ultimate goal is to transform your mini farm into one of the leading farms in the Mineral town.

3. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

If you are a die-hard fan of Goku and his pals then, you will certainly fall in love with Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure game. It is one of the most adoring games on GBA RPGs listing. This specific game follows the Goku’s adventures right from the start. In this game, one could start playing as one of the 27 characters present in it. Among them, Krillin is one of the best characters.

Dragon Ball - Advanced Adventure - Best GBA RPG games

However, the true chronicle revolves around Goku. If you take the character of Goku to play in this game then, you can view the turn and other scenes. This game also allows the players to play the game in multi-player mode i.e., one-to-one battles. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure RPG game also involves a plethora of missions that the game player needs to finish to enhance their progress in the game levels.

4. Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

It is one of the widely prevalent role-playing games and this game has numerous series of sequels. It’s pretty arduous to put a count of them among different platforms. If you haven’t played Final Fantasy game even once then, you can try out the Dawn of Souls series that would give you a fantastic combat style of gameplay.

Final Fantasy I II - Dawn of Souls - Best GBA RPGs

You will definitely think that it’s quite obvious to place Final Fantasy – Dawn of Souls game under the list of the best GBA games 2018. Try to play the original Final Fantasy game I and Final Fantasy II through your handheld GBA or some emulator. We bet that you will definitely hang around this game for a long time.

5. Beyblade: G-Revolution

Beyblade: G-Revolution is another fantastic GBA game present on this list of RPGs. The Beyblades that we often come across will be spinning and are power-packed with additional superpowers. If you are a true adorer of the original Beyblade cartoons then, you will extremely like to play this game on GBA. The storyline of this game is quite similar to the original cartoon series.

best GBA RPG games - BeyBlade - GRevolution

We are sure that you will regain the experience of watching that cartoon whilst playing this appealing game. The graphics used in this game are simply wow while the bey battles are quite exhilarating. There is a possibility of handling your Beyblade and execute some remarkable moves to beckon your bit beast.

Popular GBA Action Games for Adults

Most of the kids, as well as the adults, prefer playing action cum adventurous games in their leisure time. Despite having a great interest towards action games, there are people who just go with normal games to avoid addiction. Here, we have come up with a huge collection of the best GBA action games that combines with some adventurous elements. Have a look!

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Zelda is one of the most exciting games when it comes to GBA listing of games. It is not just available for the players to play with GBA but also compatible to play on different platforms. The major concept of this game is quite interesting and exceptional gameplay.

Best GBA Action games - Legand of Zelda

This game involves powerful action and impressive plotline. This game comprises of solving the puzzles and slaying the enemies in the Hyrule Kingdom. The fundamental role of the game player is to safeguard the kingdom from the malicious forces and assist the tiny minish cap that has combined itself to your head.

2. Metal Slug Advance

Metal Slug Advance game comes packed with a five action missions alongside a couple of new additional features. This game renders you the ability to use the health system and e-cards the develops your character abilities. One can play this game and shoot their path through the enemy territory in the vehicles or on the foot.

Metal Slug Advance - best gba action games

On this game, you can find innumerable weapons and vehicles so that you can pick your preferred one. Using all these stuff, you will definitely enjoy playing this game at a high speed and exciting. With all these unique features, Metal Slug Advance game has managed to acquire a position in the list of the top and best GBA action games.

3. Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX is the redefined version of the original Contra game. It is one of the best action gba game. The main concept of this game is that the soldier in this game needs to go head to head against the aliens and mecha robots.

Contra advance - best gba action games 2018

The role of the player is to shoot up the entire alien forces that come in your way. You need to evade the alien forces and other evil robots from ruling your world. Ensure that you never take back your finger from the shooting button.

4. Mega Man Zero 2

Mega Man Zero 2 is a fantastic side-scroller game that comes with a unique plot alongside extreme action and adventurous scenes. This game revolves around a character namely Zero who combats against harmful evil forces regarded as Neo Arcadia. Zero may not have the similar powers just like the Mega Man.

Mega Man Zero 2 - best action gba games

However, the powers that Zero owns drives us quite funny to endure the gameplay. The game players need to face enemies at different levels so that one can rejoice playing each and every level. Mega Man Zero 2 has gained utmost popularity and that’s the reason it has become the best in this list.

5. Final Fight One

Final Fight One is another best GBA game that comes packed with all sorts of action elements. Cody and the gang are a couple of characters in this game. They are supposed to clean the streets of their city in this action game for GBA. Final Fight One is the GBA version of the classic arcade game.

Final Fight One - best GBA Action games

The graphics involved in this game are quite impressive while the action is overwhelming. The game players need to play this game by combating the enemies through the streets of their metro city. The main aim of the players is to destroy all the bosses and secure the damsel in distress, Jessica.

Best GBA Platformers

Platformer genre related games are quite interesting and exhilarating to play with much rejoicing. There are numerous GBA games that hold the genre of a platformer. In this post, we have listed out some of the best collection of GBA platformer games.

1. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is the best classic and utmost beloved game in the platformer category. The game plot is quite simple and witty at the same time. However, there is a challenge present in this game wherein the main lead needs to find the Princess Peach by moving across the 8 worlds.

Super Mario Bros - best platformer gba game

All you need to do is to jump across the path whilst collecting the available coins and goodies. This stuff is required to make your gameplay simpler. In each castle, there is a fake princess and you need to go through until you have traced the original Princess.

2. Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance is another best game designed and developed for the GBA players. This game is also compatible with the Android operating system. This game offers a slew of beneficial features to the game players. This game comprises of 4 different characters from the Sonic universe in order to turn it quite interesting.

Sonic Advance GBA platformer game

You can find Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Tails are available in Playable mode. Each and every character in this game has unique capabilities and moves that can be used for enhancing your gaming performance. You can play this game along with your team of friends.

3. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 is not the traditional Mario game that we had adored a lot. This game runs in a realm called Dinosaur Land. In this game, you can find a sudden visit of Yoshi. When the Mario, the main character encounters with the desired character of Nintendo i.e., the dinosaur that’s where the funny element begins.

Super Mario Advance 2 - best gba games

In this game, Mario surely has amazing proficiencies. Mario has the ability to ride Yoshi, fly via a .magic cap and perform a high spin jump. Just like the original Mario game, there are several levels comprising of platforms that can be moved to the exact place where you actually wish exploring.

4. Astro Boy

Astro Boy game has a powerful character who has exceptional capabilities. The character has the ability to fly in the sky and has a unique X-ray vision. You may not assume that character as some sort of Superman. He is just a classic gaming icon we actually call him as Astro Boy. This character has the power to carry out some action and adventure all through the game. Astro Boy is actually a classic side-scrolling platformer game wherein you can use the powerful controls to handle the robotic Astro boy.

Best GBA Platformer game - Astro boy

The main plot of this game is to bring back all the money that was stolen from the professor. This task will be taken care of the Astro Boy. The boy needs to fly and ruin all the enemies that come in his way. There are a total of 10 challenging levels in this game to get back the stolen money and return it safely to the concerned professor.

5. Disney’s Aladdin

Disney Aladdin is one of the most popular and widely played GBA platformers game. This game has influenced the platformer genre to a great extent. It’s all because of the stunning graphical works and appealing gameplay concept. The main plot actually revolves around the fundamental character namely Aladdin.

Disney Aladdin - platformer GBA game

He tries hard to safeguard his city and gain the love of his princess namely Jasmine. For achieving that, he takes the help from his best ever friend monkey and his genie too. In order to make Aladdin win the heart of his Jasmine, you need to aid Aladdin to defeat all the adversaries. At last, the boss Jaffer need to get back the peace in the kingdom.

Best GBA Sports Games List

A maximum number of people out there adore sports-related games and real-time games. For those folks who are truly interested in playing sports games with GBA console, we have come up with the best collection of GBA Sports-related games. Check it out!

1. Fifa 07

We all are truly aware that how Fifa games have turned out much popular all over the world. Fifa 07 game has turned out to become one of the desired sports game on the GBA. As there is not much difficulty in learning how to play this game, one can easily begin it even the naive.

Fifa 07 - best GBA sports games

This game involves a plenty of teams who come around the world to play this game. We can find the teams coming from different league football matches. This game comprises of the topmost players who have pro skills in playing the game.

2. Sk8 -Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

If you are ready to make some crazy stunts and tricks then, you can definitely prefer playing Sk8 -Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 game. In this game, you can find a number of new stunts and tricks that are mindblowing. For those who are trying to play this skating game on GBA can give it a try.

Sk8 -Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 - best gba sports game

The gameplay is quite interesting comprising of a slew of unique game modes. It will make you hooked for an extreme challenge in the realm of skating. One can select their desired skating professional and begin performing the fierce stuns through this exciting skating action game.

GBA Puzzle Games

Playing puzzle games will be always interesting and exciting for most of the game players out there. By playing such games, one can enhance their brilliance and their vision of analyzing some core things will increase. Here, we have gathered a list of the best GBA puzzle games to test your intelligence. Take a look!

1. Dr.Mario

Soon after seeing the title of this game, you might have mistaken that it falls under the family of Mario. Moreover, it’s not the thing that Mario opens a clinic and treats his buddies. In fact, Dr. Mario is a puzzle game as the genre suggests. In this game, Mario struggles in fighting the bacteria that are present in different forms.

Best Gba puzzle games - Dr Mario

The main role of Mario is to slay different kinds of bacteria and viruses through pills. The pills appear in a range of colors. The game player needs to make a match of three or more similar colored pills that would get rid of some bacteria surrounding it. It is one of the best match 3 puzzle game comprising of a unique twist in it.

2. Super Puzzle Bobble Advance

This game has rocked the genre of the puzzle for several years. Super Puzzle Bobble Advance was the first game to roll out the fast-paced gem-matching puzzle action. This particular element renders you utmost fun whilst playing the game. All you need to do is to get rid of the gems in your half rapidly by shooting the gems against them.

Super Puzzle Bobble Advance - best gba puzzle games

The players need to make at least 3 or more matches. There is a possibility to play this as the multi-player game. You can play a multi-player game with your buddies and hit them by getting rid of the gems at a rapid pace.

3. Scrabble

Scrabble is another best family word making game. This game must be available on each and every platform bringing more and more fun to the players. One can now start enjoying by playing this brilliant Scrabble game on your GBA. Test yourself whether you are capable of making words with much ease or not.

Scrabble - puzzle game

The Scrabble game is actually identical to the original board game that comes with specific letters. All you need to do is to make different meaningful words using those letters. By generating more number of words, you could score much better.

Wrapping Up

Here ends the list of the most popular and best GBA Games of All Time. Hope this article has covered all the genres of GBA games that you have been searching for since a long time. We have gathered an immense collection of the most popular GBA puzzle, sports-based, platformer and RPG Rom games in this list. Have fun playing these wonderful GBA games on your PC or using the hand-held console. Share your gaming experiences once you have played any of the games from the list.

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