10 Best Free PDF Editor in 2018 Online Download & Edit

Are you exploring the best free PDF editor? If so, you have landed at the right place. Before scrolling down towards selecting the best PDF editor, let’s just take a quick glimpse at the benefits of a pdf editor. In fact, PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. It is a popular file format rolled out in the 1990s. This particular file format is used for opening a document, formatting the text as well as the images. It has become quite challenging for the users to find out the free software to edit the PDFs.

However, there are amazing tools for you to look across the internet. PDF documents have been designed in such a way that they appear in a similar manner on any device. For that reason, one can easily share them with much ease. But, editing the PDF files or documents is rather different from sharing. Different photo editors allow the users to export documents in PDF format. The PDF editing requires a separate tool.

Originally, Adobe owned the PDF as a proprietary format. Alongside the PDF, there are some other technologies linked to it. We don’t have abundant free PDF editors like other software tools available in the market. Despite having only a few PDF editors, even such tools leave some watermarks behind. In order to help our readers, we have rounded up the best free PDF editing software tools that don’t add any unnecessary things to your work. Take a look!

Best Free PDF Editor Download

A free PDF editor allows the users to edit the text in the PDF format, add new text all by yourself, alter the pictures, add your own graphics, fill the forms, add your signature name and more. Hence, we have come up with a great collection of PDF editor tools for office purpose and other benefits. Some of the online PDF editors operate directly through your web browser.

In such a case, the users can easily upload their PDF file to the website, make necessary changes and save them back to your PC. It could be a pretty simple and quick process. But, in some cases, online PDF editor might not give its complete functionality as required for the user. In such a situation, the Free PDF editors come into the picture. Here is a huge list of the best free pdf editor for Mac and Windows 10/8/7 PC.

1. Sejda PDF Editor

Sedja is an excellent pdf editor that is available for all the users absolutely for free of cost. It is the best online PDF editing tools that deliver excellent functionalities to all the folks. It offers an extensive range of tools that can be used for making necessary editings. It enables the users to edit the pre-existing text in the PDF sans the need of adding a watermark.

Sedja Online PDF editor free

Most of the people will edit the text added by themselves or simply support text editing and add watermarks wherever necessary. In addition to this, this tool can operate wholly in your Google, Firefox or some other web browser. It’s pretty much simple to work on these online PDF editors without the need of downloading them exclusively on your PC. Even if you want the desktop version, you can get it easily.

Sedja PDF Desktop for PC


  • One can edit the already present text and add custom text to it.
  • Compatible with adding hyperlinks.
  • A signature tool is also available.
  • Cloud Storage is also available on this online PDF editor.
  • Ability to remove the pages from PDF.
  • Online Editor allows the users to load PDF from different websites.
  • Ease of inserting blank pages into the PDF.
  • Lets you insert blank pages, photos/images, and shapes into the PDF


  • PDF file size is limited and it doesn’t support editing the PDFs with more than 50MB size.
  • Only the PDFs having less than 200 pages can be edited online.
  • Utilized on 3 PDFs per hour. After 3 hours of time, the sessions will expire.

2. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is another best tool that enables the users to edit the text in PDFs alongside an integrated OCR. If you are seeking to edit the text in PDF format then, PDF-XChange editor is a perfect tool. This tool enables the users to retype, delete and reformat the text with much ease. It has a great adaptability towards using a font on the document even if it’s not installed on your desktop. The users can even attach the comments, separate the PDfs and extract the pages.

PDF-XChange Editor Online pdf editor free

One of the excellent features of this tool is that it offers the ability to use OCR for identifying the text in scanned documents. There are numerous features offered by this tool but, the users can use only a few of them for free. In case, you make use of the features that are not available for free, the PDF will save each page with a watermark. Even if you use the free features, one can be able to make slight editing to the file and save it to the PC.


  • Makes use of OCR [Optical Character Recognition] to recognize the text in the PDF
  • Ability to import a huge range of shapes and pictures
  • Compatible with adding QR codes to the PDF
  • This tool splits and extracts the pages.
  • Supports text editing.
  • Availability of Portable version of this PDF editor.


  • Several features need a license as they are available as a premium version.
3. ApowerPDF

ApowerPDF is the best PDF editing tool that enables the users to edit their PDFs and build the new PDFs right from the scratch. On the home page of ApowerPDF editor, you can find a couple of options. It includes Launch Online and Download Desktop. The look might be similar for both the options but there are some differences between them. If you pick the second option, the desktop software works as a trial for the premium version of this product.

ApowerPDF editor online

In the trial version, all your edited PDFs come with a watermark. The tool that we utilize here is the online editor that has no restrictions. By selecting the Launch Online option, you can directly operate it on your PC through a web browser and use the online version of ApowerPDF editor tool. If you select the first option, it asks you to download and run a small launcher app. Only then, this online editing tool will be launched.

Using this tool, one can edit the text, format the text, add images and text to the files, and more. The users will be able to encrypt the documents using a password, convert a PDF into an image file and add the comments. You can find a tool that enables us to remove the watermarks from PDFs. This PDF editor is an exceptional tool provided if it’s used as an online edition.


  • Excellent range of editing tools
  • Numerous PDF conversion options
  • Ability to generate PDFs from the beginning.


  • Trail version adds watermark to all edited PDFs.

4. PDFescape Online PDF Editor

PDFescape is another best online PDF editor available for free presenting with a plethora of beneficial features. It’s free to use until the PDF doesn’t go beyond 100 pages or 10 MB in size. Just like other tools, PDFescape also offers two versions i.e., free web application and a premium desktop version. In this post, we are explaining about the online PDF editor. In case, you download the desktop software then, you will be able to use only the trial version of premium edition.

PDFescape Online free PDF editor

The online version enables the users to create new text boxes on the web page. Sadly, it doesn’t allow the users to edit the previous text. One can create simple geometric shapes just like Sedja PDF editor. On this tool, you can choose an image from your PC and drag a rectangle so as to insert text fields within the rectangle. Using this free PDF editor, you can create simple forms such as a rare and welcome feature.


  • Compatible with different forms
  • Enables the users to add media.
  • Ability to work online via your web browser.
  • One can easily delete and add PDF pages.
  • Ease of adding your own pictures and text.


  • The free version of this tool is the only online edition.
  • Doesn’t support editing large PDFs.
  • Doesn’t allow the users to edit existing text.
5. PDFsam Basic

PDFsam Basic is a simple PDF editor with a well-designed user interface. It let the users carry out various tasks at a rapid pace. This tool enables the users to split and merge different files. The users can get a free trial of the premium version that offers a plethora of features. Some of them include complete editing, secure signing, OCR, object insertion and more.

PDFsam Basic PDF editor free online

If the free trial expires, you will be left with a simple tool that chops huge documents into manageable pieces. One can use this tool to rotate the pages. You don’t find any kind of tools for tweaking the original content of the document. All the PDFsam Basic’s page-management options are pretty much simple to use. The options present on the main menu are available to use in the premium edition.


  • Compatible with split and merge
  • Allows the users to rotate pages.


  • Some of the features on PDFsam Basic are restricted with time.
The Bottom Line

Here ends the list of the best free PDF Editor online and for the Windows and MAC users. One can even download the free PDF editor on their device with much ease. Hope this collection of free PDF editing tools aids you in adding images, text and other changes to the PDF document. For more queries, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments section.

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