Apps Like Showbox 2018 : 12 Best Showbox App Alternatives

Showbox is one of the best apps that enables the users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows for free. One can watch latest movies as well as the golden classic movies. The best thing about Showbox is that you can enjoy watching your desired stuff without abruptly popping up advertisements. Showbox app is exceptional and people often worry whether it is a legal app or not. In actual thought, the content that is streamed on Showbox is surely illegal.

Due to server crashes in rare cases, we find it difficult to use Showbox app for watching movies. Besides the Showbox application, there are many other apps quite similar to this streaming app on the web. If you are seeking to use a different app to watch movies then, you can try the best apps like Showbox listed below. We have gathered an immense collection of the worthy apps and the best alternatives to Showbox. Have a glimpse!

Apps Like Showbox 2018 :  Best Showbox App Alternatives

Best apps like showbox

There is a legal concern with the Showbox application. Not every country considers Showbox and apps like Showbox as legal. Some of the countries such as the United States doesn’t let the users stream copyrighted stuff sans the consent from the movie or filmmakers.  As we have a definite conclusion of the Showbox app, you can now study much about the apps that are considered similar to this streaming service.

Showbox app and its alternatives are not completely legal in each and every country across the globe. Most of the folks may not be conscious of such rules and regulations. In some other locations, most of them don’t even have a care about such legal issues. However, we are looking forward to causing some apprehension among the people.

Through this post, we are attempting to advise the users to sojourn wary from being exposed to the corresponding laws. As there is an extensive range of apps, the functioning and the security level of each app varies from one another. It is notably important to have a conception of the issues that arise with such apps. Striving to counterattack such inherent difficulties is still essential.

Types of Free Movie Apps like showbox :

We have listed some of the best categories in which the Showbox alternatives will be related. Check it out!

Torrent Streaming Apps

These apps explore the entire internet for torrents of different movies and TV shows. These type of streaming apps are quite harmful as it recognizes your IP address. This type of apps will look out for the best torrents and streams them on your respective device. There is a possibility that the internet firm might identify your IP address if you stream such content. The users have a risk of getting a cease and receive legal orders in the first place. In some cases, the users must pay some fine. You can secure yourself through a VPN for various platforms like Android, PC, and iOS.

Ad-Supported Apps

The ad-supported apps that use ads are quite secure and legal to use. The companies will give their consent to stream movies and TV shows on such apps. On a frequent basis, the app owners need to pay some amounts to the distribution firm to get permission. We can find the advertisements whilst streaming the movies and TV shows. As we are receiving permissions for streaming the content, it is legal to use ad-supported apps. The movie preferences for these apps are below standard. One may not be able to find the latest releases of these apps.

Private Server Streaming Apps

Such streaming apps utilize their own private servers in order to stream the torrent files rather than your own. By using this type of apps, you don’t have to worry about the security of your IP address. The app manufacturer will make use of the servers from a country that lets the sharing of files. As there are no issues in using such apps in the supported countries, you can stay protected in your country.

Best Apps Like Showbox for PC, Android & iOS

One may have a clear understanding of the different types of streaming apps and the legal matters related to each one. Here, we have compiled a huge list of the top 12 best apps like Showbox for Android, iOS, and PC. Check out the best Showbox Alternatives for PC and other platforms that enables you to stream your favourite content. Whenever you confront issues with Showbox, just prefer the similar apps listed below.

Playbox HD App
CinemaBox HD
Hub Streaming
MegaBox HD
Popcorn Time
Terrarium TV
1. Playbox HD App

PlayBox HD is the best Showbox alternative application available for all the users on the Android device platform. This app allows the movie adorers watch their favorite movies and other TV shows absolutely for free of cost. The users can download their preferred movies and TV shows on this PlayBox HD app.

PlayBox HD - apps like showbox

Just like the name of the app, the users can watch high definition videos on their device. This app is compatible with Android and iOS device platforms. Playbox HD is the best source for entertainment. We suggest the users to use this app for streaming content on a big screen to acquire amazing watching experience.


  • No Premium Version of PlayBox HD available with enhanced features
  • Offers high definition picture quality
  • Compatible with Android and iOS with a plethora of features
  • Completely Free of cost


  • Sometimes, the app might work disordered initially and doesn’t work in a subtle mode.
2. MegaBox HD

One of the best alternatives to Showbox app is MegaBox. One can access this application using the help of a VPN as it streams the torrents via your IP address. In case, the Showbox or the Terrarium TV apps are crashed out or terminated its services then, you can pick the MegaBox HD app as the best alternative.

MegaBox HD - apps like showbox

The users can start using any of the apps and change them on a regular basis when one of them shuts down their services. However, MegaBox HD is the best alternative to watch movies absolutely for free of cost. This is an excellent app for Android smartphone and tablet. One can find different categories so that they could easily pick their desired movie from their preferred genre.


  • Select the quality of the video ranging between 360 pixels and 720 pixels. However, it might rely on the speed of internet connection.
  • The server is compelling that doesn’t become sluggish or lag at the time of streaming the movies.
  • One can add their desired movies to the favorite list and watch it later.


  • The users might confront a plethora of ads popping up in the middle of streaming movies or TV shows.
3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the best streaming app that lets you watch various movies, TV shows, serials and much more stuff. On this app, there is a search option that lets you search for your preferred shows and movies. The movies or TV shows streams directly to any device i.e., mobile phone, laptop, and TV.

Popcorn Time

The quality of the videos and movies is quite impressive and you can even set the resolution of the video on your mobile device. The Popcorn Time app provides several amazing features to the user on their Android device. There is a huge collection of movies, TV shows, music albums, videos and much more stuff.


  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Linux operating systems.
  • Ability to add subtitles to the videos or movies.
  • Supports a smart TV connection
  • Optimize the user interface and languages based on your choice.


  • Occasional crashes whilst streaming the videos and movies. It’s the most frustrating bug that requires a fix soon.

4. MovieBox 

MovieBox is an incredible app quite similar to Showbox that allows the users to watch different movies, TV shows and much more for free. The users of this app can stream the content from different genres. Besides watching online TV shows, you can easily download your preferred movies for free. Before starting the content streaming, one can watch the trailer for the movie.

MovieBox app like Showbox

You need not have to spend money and go to theatres so as to watch your desired movies. Instead, just stay at home and watch your preferred movies absolutely for free of cost using MovieBox application. On this application, the app developers update the MovieBox app with latest movies and TV shows on a frequent basis.


  • The newly released movies will be launched on MovieBox at a rapid pace.
  • One can use a plethora of simple tools to access the interface of MovieBox.


  • It’s pretty irritating to watch the trailer before streaming the complete movie every time.
5. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV app often flaunts itself as the Showbox killer. It is one of the best alternatives to Showbox. Terrarium TV is the best torrent streaming application that helps you find the torrents in the best way. This app uses the IP address of the user to stream and download their favorite movies and TV shows with much ease. You can even find the latest movies and TV shows on this app even if they are running in the theatres.

apps like showbox - terrarium tv app


  • Bookmark desired shows and movies using the bookmark symbol.
  • Ease of choosing the video resolution
  • Exclusive search option to explore the media stuff.


  • It saves your IP address which could drag you into legal issues.
6. CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HD is another best torrent streaming app quite similar to Showbox app. Most of the features of this app are pretty similar to the features of Showbox and Terrarium TV apps. You can easily stream the media content to your TV through Chromecast. One can use this application in case you confront crashes on Terrarium TV and Showbox apps. CinemaBox HD is one of the best backup movie streaming apps.

CinemaBox HD


  • Absolutely free to use without paying a single penny
  • Extensive range of movies, TV shows and more
  • Ability to use subtitles for different movies
  • One can easily download as well as stream the content
  • Compatible with multiple platforms


  • This app is not available in the official Play Store. To get this app on your device, download it using the .apk file.
7. Crackle

Crackle is one of the best apps like Showbox that comes with ads in the midst of streaming videos or films. The users can sign up and watch their fancied movies without any worry. You need not have to tense about getting a cease and abandonment of the services from your ISP.


Crackle is quite prevalent among the people. That’s the reason, this app has made out sufficient profits through the older and latest movies and TV Shows. You may not be able to stream the newly released films that are still running in the theatres. If you are trying to use a legal stuff then, Crackle is the perfect alternative to Showbox app.


  • Ability to save the movies for watching them later
  • Quality of the content is more than satisfactory
  • Ease of choosing the subtitles if you are unable to understand the language.


  • The content will be updated on a regular basis that evades the ability to stream the latest stuff anytime.
8. Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming is another best Showbox alternative that renders numerous choices for streaming the media content. One can select their desired movie from the extensive range of movies. You can even download the content based on your choice. Hub Streaming is only compatible with Android platform.


  • One can easily share the movie links with others.
  • Ease of downloading the full-length movies right from the beginning to the end.
  • Ability to switch between various video players


  • The streaming content from the servers is quite slow that results in a poor performance.

9. Hulu

Hulu is the best Showbox alternative available on the web for all the people who are quite interested in watching films at HD quality. In order to make use of all the services, the users need to have a good internet connection. The users can easily stream their preferred content like TV series and movies directly to the mobile phones for experiencing the best entertainment. The Hulu service is compatible with various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Consoles, & Smart TV.

Hulu - showbox alternatives


  • Immense collection of movies and TV shows
  • Supports Chromecast that delivers an amazing streaming experience


  • Interruption of commercial advertisements that streams amidst streaming movies and videos
  • Newly added Showtime package is pretty expensive than the original service

10. Streamza

It is a private server streaming application that makes use of its own servers for streaming the TV shows, movies and more on your device. The Streamza app won’t keep a track of your IP address and you are safe to stream movies. There is no possibility to download movies to your device.

Streamza Apps like showbox


  • Secure and safe way to download the torrent files
  • All the torrent files can be downloaded at a high speed using a torrent client.
  • Supports Roku


  • Unreliable servers
  • The user interface is not impressive
11. Stremio

Streamio is another best Showbox alternative that lets you stream the content from different sources. One can stream the content from different services such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and more. It gathers the information at one place and shows it in a neat interface.

Stremio for Android -showbox alternatives


  • Simple to use interface
  • Works perfectly on iPad devices
  • It delivers excellent performance in streaming the movies.
  • Size of the ap is pretty less that doesn’t consume much of your device’s storage space


  • No login option from the Stremio website

12. Viewster

Viewster is another best alternative to Showbox. Just like the Crackle app, Viewster also comes in support with advertisements. This app may not be as perfect as the Crackle app because it doesn’t have the latest movies. You can even find the original movie content and TV shows that are absolutely legal.

Viewster - best showbox alternatives


  • Streaming the content using Viewster is totally legal
  • Ease of streaming exclusive and original movies


  • Irritating ads that show the massive effect on the watching experience of the user.
The Bottom Line

Here ends the list of the best apps like Showbox app. Hope this collection of Showbox alternatives has served you in the best way to stream your preferred movies, TV shows, animated series and more for free. For more queries, drop them in the comments section and we try to retort the solutions as soon as possible. Share your experiences after using the best streaming apps listed in this post. You can even drop your valuable suggestions in the feedback section.

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