What is 500 Internal Server & How To Fix It ?

Internal Server Error is a commonly caused error in the HTTP status code. Whenever you try to access any website on the internet, you might get an error message as ‘500 Internet Server‘ Error. This error occurs quite often when there is some issue with that particular website. You don’t have to worry that your laptop or PC has raised some problem.How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error - HTTP Error

There is no such problem either with your computer or the browser or your network connection. The main problem is with the website that you have visited from your PC. If there is some problem with the server of any website i.e., shortly termed as HTTP status code error.

The server couldn’t actually resolve the problem of 500 Internal Server Error. The 500 Internal Server Error can cause on one or more pages of your own website. There are a plethora of ways the website might show the 500 Internal Server Error on the page. In this post, we have provided the simple ways to fix the 500 Internal Server Error on your PC or Laptop.

What Causes the ‘500 Internal Server Error’?

Generally, the internal server error related messages will display on the website when there is something wrong with the server. Here, ‘wrong’ indicates that there is an issue with the web page or an error in the programming code of the website. The server that makes use of Microsoft IIS software could cause HTTP 500 error on the server.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error

If there are other numbers followed by the HTTP error like ‘HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error’ then, it indicates that the configuration data is invalid. Apart from this single reason, there are few other reasons behind the actual cause of the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

HTTP 500 Error – How commonly you see this Error?

500 Internal Server Error, how to fix it

When you visit any website and if it generates the 500 Internal Server Error then, you might see it in any of the browsers on any of OS on your smartphone or PC. Most frequently, this 500 Internal Server Error appears within the window of your internet browser similarly as the web pages do. Here are some of the most common ways that the 500 Internal Server Error appears on the website:

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • HTTP Error 500
  • Internal Server Error
  • HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
  • Temporary Error (500)
  • HTTP 500 Internal Error
  • 500 Error
  • 500. That’s an error
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How to Fix ‘500 Internal Server Error’?

As explained before, the 500 Internal Server Error occurs on the side of the server. It means that this problem is not from the side of your PC or the internet connection. This problem is totally connected to the server of your website. If in case, the problem is likely from your end then, you can try out the following solutions listed here.

1. Reload Web Page

Whenever you experience this error then, try to reload the web page by tapping the Reload button on the toolbar of your browser. As a shortcut, you can simply press F5 button or Ctrl + R. In the meantime, the browser of your device contacts the server of that website and tries to show the page again. This could be the possible fix for resolving 500 Internal Server error.

500 Internal Server Error - Reload this web page

Important Note:

If you get this 500 Internal Server Error message at the time of making payment to an online merchant then, don’t reload or refresh the web page. If you attempt to check out for several times might generate multiple orders and you might be charged multiple times.

2. Clean the Cache on your Browser

The cache stuff on your browser could be another possible cause of the 500 Internal Server error. In order to resolve this issue, you need to clear the complete cache on your browser. Clearing the cache is pretty simple and doesn’t cause any harm to your system.

3. Troubleshoot

You can resolve the 500 Internal Server Error by troubleshooting the device. Some of the servers will cause the 500 Internal Server errors when there is a problem with 504 Gateway Timeout. In order to resolve it, troubleshooting is the best fix.

4. Contact the Website

Another best solution to fix the 500 Internal Server Error is to contact the website. There are possibilities that the administrator of the website might be already aware of the 500 error. If you assume that they are not cognizant of the error then, you can let them know the same. It helps you and others who are seeking to access that website. You can contact the website using the email, telephone numbers, and other social networking accounts.

5. Eliminate Cookies

By deleting or eliminating the cookies on your browser, you can resolve the 500 Internal Server Error issues. The cookies that are related to the website on which you can get this error must be deleted. Once you are done with deleting the cookies, you need to restart the web browser. You can then try to open that website again.

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500 Internal Server Error on your Own Website

We have already discussed that the 500 Internal Server Error is not from your end. However, if you are owning a website and got this error then, you need to fix it. Most commonly, there are more than 500 errors that are on the side of the server. Here are some of the common reasons that your website might be serving the 500 Error to your visitors.

1. Permissions Error

Most of the time, the 500 Internal Server Error causes because of the inaccurate permission on a single or infinite files or folders. This wrong permission on a PHP and the CGI script is just to accuse. This could be resolved at 0755 (-rwxr-xr-x).

2. PHP Timeout

When the script associated with the external resources and if that particular resources timeout then, it eventually causes an HTTP 500 Error. The PHP Timeout error can be resolved by following the timeout rules. By handling the errors from the script, you can solve the 500 Internal Server Error.

3. Coding Error in .htaccess. 

Ensure that the .htaccess file of your website is structured in a proper manner or not.

This is all you need to know about the 500 Internal Server Error. We have provided the possible fixes so as to resolve the HTTP 500 Error that appears on your browser’s site.

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